Is Frozen Planet on Netflix?

Here's how you can watch the classic David Attenborough nature series online

Sir David Attenborough in Blue Planet II (BBC, TL)

When Frozen Planet first aired on the BBC in 2011, it transformed what audiences thought about the polar regions and the creatures who live there. This groundbreaking David Attenborough documentary takes us to the Arctic and Antarctic, introducing us to polar bears and penguins and killer whales along the way.


And there is good news for Netflix subscribers: Frozen Planet is available to watch online through the on-demand streaming service.

But controversially, you will only find six of the seven episodes. The final episode, titled On Thin Ice, put the focus on climate change, global warming, the melting of the ice caps and habitat loss for polar bears and penguins – but it’s missing from Netflix.

Seventh episode On Thin Ice aired on the BBC as part of the original series in 2011, but was made optional for syndication so many overseas broadcasters did not pick it up.


Other Attenborough shows available on Netflix include The Blue Planet and Planet Earth.