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BBC iPlayer is much, much more than just a catch-up service.


From releasing whole series in one go as box sets to streaming original shows and BBC3 online exclusives, the BBC is making more and more of its content available online sooner via iPlayer.

To find out more about the latest series and best new shows available on BBC iPlayer every day, check out the guide below.

Friday 23rd February: Murdered for Love? Samia Shahid

Bradford-born Samia was 24 when she reluctantly agreed to an arranged marriage with her cousin in Pakistan because she didn’t want to humiliate her parents by refusing. But she didn’t love him and was very unhappy so eventually divorced him under sharia law. She remarried, this time for love, and moved to Dubai with her new husband despite her parents’ disapproval.

However, within days of arriving in Pakistan to visit family, she was dead. She’d been strangled. Samia’s friends, her second husband and the Bradford MP who took up her case tell the tragic story of what, despite the family’s denials, has all the hallmarks of a so-called “honour killing”. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Thursday 22nd February: The Archiveologists

Diane Morgan – aka Philomena Cunk from Charlie Brooker’s Wipe – is back with a brand new comedy series with Him & her and 8 out of 10 Cats star Joe Wilkinson. Each five minute short parodies a documentary from the archives. Episode one kicks off with a 1970s documentary about Luton Library. The show does get a late night airing on BBC2, but really it’s better suited to switching on whenever you like online. Watch on iPlayer

Wednesday 21st February: Mum

Series two of critically acclaimed comedy Mum is airing on BBC2 every Tuesday. But if you missed out on the series first time round, the whole of series one is also available to watch online. Watch on iPlayer

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Tuesday 20th February: Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution

In Arkansas, USA, eight men are scheduled to be executed in just ten days. BBC cameras follow both the families of the victims and the condemned men in the build-up to each execution. The first episode was aired on Sunday 18th February, but the whole four-part series is available to watch online now. Watch on iPlayer

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Monday 19th February: Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling

JK Rowling’s – sorry, ‘Robert Galbraith’s’ – crime series of novels has been turned into a brilliantly addictive BBC1 drama. The series first aired last year, but ahead of the latest instalment airing on BBC1 later this February, all the previous episodes are now available to watch again on iPlayer.

There’s also a handy ‘story so far’, just in case you need reminding what happened in The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm. Watch on iPlayer

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Sunday 18th February: Troy: Fall of a City

The BBC’s epic new weekend drama airs at the slightly weird time of 9.10pm on Saturdays. If the timing caught you off guard – or if you’d rather save the show for a quiet night in – then iPlayer is your saviour. Sadly the eight-part series won’t be released as a box set all in one go, so we’ve got a while wait a while before that famous wooden horse comes rolling into view… Watch on iPlayer

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Saturday 17th February: Winter Olympics highlights


With Lizzy Yarnold, Izzy Atkin and Elise Christie all in action for Team GB today, are we in for a Super Saturday sequel at the Winter Olympics? iPlayer has two-minute highlight packages of all the key action, and you can watch events in full if you want to catch up on the early morning events. Watch on iPlayer