New on Netflix UK in October 2017: the best movies and TV shows coming soon

Stranger Things returns, David Fincher brings new series Mindhunter to TV, plus Jim Carrey movies hit Netflix and Riverdale returns – all new on Netflix UK this month

Eleven and Mike in Stranger Things (Netflix, JG)

Just in time for Halloween, season two of Stranger Things arrives on Netflix this October – but that’s just one show in a big month for new TV series and movies.


UPDATE: Check out the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix UK in November

From The Social Network director David Fincher’s new TV series Mindhunter to all-new Riverdale, plus classic movies like Good Will Hunting and Notting Hill, check out everything coming to Netflix in October 2017.

Sunday 1st October

The Notebook Roll back the years with this soppy romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams 

The Notebook

Whitechapel series 4 ITV’s gothic crime drama is no more, but Rupert Penry-Jones’s character  DI Joseph Chandler is still solving gruesome copycat murders on Netflix.

Rush Hour 3 You can never have too much Jackie Chan – even if the original is still shamefully missing from Netflix.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Definitely a movie worth saving for Christmas in a few months’ time: Kevin Costner’s Robin and the dearly departed Alan Rickman get better with every watch.

Good Will Hunting Oscar-winning drama starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Ben Affleck.

Good Will Hunting

For a Few Dollars More The second (and the best) instalment in Sergio Leone’s Western trilogy starring Clint Eastwood.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Surely Jim Carrey is overdue a Netflix revival and his own series? Maybe this is how the streaming service is laying the ground…

Wednesday 4 October

Robin Hood: Men In Tights Because one tale of Robin Hood is clearly not enough for October. Should we just stick with the Kevin Costner one?

Friday 6 October

Suburra A gripping new Italian organised crime drama, in which politics, religion and organised crime grapple with each other for power in Rome. This is the first Netflix Original series in Italian – and it’s set to be a beauty.

Tuesday 10th October

Once Upon A Time season 7 The US fantasy drama returns to the UK, streaming weekly on Netflix

6 Days A Netflix movie telling the story of the six-day Iranian hostage crisis in 1980s London.

Thursday 12th October

Riverdale season 2 The hit teen series is back, streaming weekly on Netflix less than a day after its US air date.

Dynasty season 1 The classic 80s series is being rebooted, with new actors playing characters from the original soap – with a few little tweaks. In the UK it will stream weekly on Netflix.

Friday 13th October

Mindhunter Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky for Netflix, who have convinced Fight Club and The Social Network director David Fincher to head new TV series Mindhunter, about an FBI special unit who interview serial killers, in the hope of better understanding how the country’s worst criminals think.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Marvel – the cast for this comedy film about three siblings meeting to ‘celebrate’ their artist father is enough to make you tune in, surely?

Kingdom of Us In an entirely different vein, British filmmaker Lucy Cohen reveals her documentary film about attempting to move on from loss. Cohen spent over three years with a family as they attempted to come together following the suicide of their father.

The Babysitter Horror comedy about a boy who stays up late only to find out that his babysitter is part of a Satanic cult. As you do…

The Babysitter

Sunday 15th October

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Netflix doubles down on Jim Carrey in October – and why not?

Tuesday 17th October

Notting Hill Classic Richard Curtis rom-com starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts

Notting Hill

Friday 20th October

Haters Back Off season 2 The second instalment of comedian Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube parody featuring her character Miranda Sings.


Friday 27th October

Stranger Things 2 It’s time to return to the Upside Down…