Next week on The Archers: Helen discovers some grim truths, while Clarrie tries to catch a thief

27 March-1 April 2016: Plus Lynda is fretting about the Pageant play and Bert is in a good mood


Blossom Hill Cottage is the scene of yet more domestic horrors as Rob’s irritation flares when Helen once again acts without his knowledge. Henry is also succumbing to chocolate temptation – with chilling consequences. By the end of the week, Helen is busy making plans and discovering some grim truths along the way. Will her resolve be strengthened?


Lonely Bert is given a fillip thanks to the ebullient presence of the Fairbrothers aka his ‘boys’. Life is cheered up by having some young company to help in his garden – even if the trade-off is an untidy bungalow and some rather off-the-wall hen talk.

Toby and Rex Fairbrother

It’s all the fun of the fair at Lower Loxley – and reluctant woman of the moment Elizabeth finds herself the centre of attention from a number of quarters. Over at Ambridge’s other main event, the Pageant play at the re-furbished village hall, Lynda struts and frets. Eddie’s reassurances that all will be well with the celebrity opening won’t wash, and the suspense is killing her. Just when she’s driven to desperate contingency measures, however, there’s a sensation in the crowd – and joy and relief ensue with the arrival of a familiar face.

Elsewhere Adam finally gains some soil-based Brownie points with Brian, and Dan equally impresses Shula with his choice of dinner guest.


And tongues are wagging over the theft of the Lent money from the church. Joe Grundy is particularly horrified; how could anyone commit such a low act? But a suspicious Clarrie confesses that she feels the culprit may be closer to home than people think…