New Love Islander Max Morley is hoping to steal Naomi away from Josh

Get ready to hear plenty more talk of being 'pied off' as new contestant Max says Naomi is 100% up his street

Another day, another new Love Island contestant and this one – 22-year-old Max Morley – has his eye on recent addition Naomi.


The professional cricketer, who used to play for Durham County Cricket Club, said he’s “100%” about Naomi, adding “she’s smoking”.

“Hopefully I can come in and she’ll like me,” he told

Now, Naomi’s flirting with other boys in the villa has already caused self-appointed commander of the house Jonathan to step in and make sure her villa partner Josh knew what was going on. Josh and Naomi had been together for about two minutes, after all. There’s a bro code, don’t you know?

So is Max not concerned about rocking the boat again?

“I don’t want to go in there and upset anybody. But if I have to, then I have to,” he laughed.

On the subject of Naomi’s flirting, Max admitted: “She is a little bit of a flirt. But I don’t think she’s quite into Josh as much as he’s in to her.”

The newcomer is confident of his chances too, banking on his chiselled “abs” to steal her attention away from her current beau (because we’re really lacking those in the Love Island villa, aren’t we?)

But expect some unrest ahead as Max doesn’t think he’s going to click with the aforementioned villa leader, Jonathan, either.

“He’s quite loud. He’s quite out there. I don’t know if I’ll warm to him as much as others have.”

Max won’t be challenging him for the villa throne, though: “He’s the leader of the house. I’m not going to shoot him down.”

But here’s hoping the “leader of the house” doesn’t kick things off by asking Max what he makes of his current relationship with Hannah.

“No way is that real,” Max said of the duo, who’ve announced that as well as being a Love Island couple, they’re now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. “They’re playing a game. They’re in it to win it. They’re playing it well to be fair.”


Love Island continues on Saturday at 9:00pm with a look back over the week’s antics