Neighbours: the truth about the Lassiter’s explosion is revealed – plus Toadie and Sonya are at loggerheads

20-24 June 2016: And Xanthe and Ben try to stop Angus from running away


Monday 20 June


Sonya and Toadie are in shock after Walter suggests that Nell could be a bone marrow donor for Zoe. Xanthe and Ben try to stop Angus from running away, but when Angus offers them some stolen cash in exchange for their silence, they are sorely tempted. A guilt-ridden John decides to confess to causing the boiler room explosion. 

Tuesday 21 June

John is euphoric after Detective Crabb’s assurance that he is not guilty and kisses a shocked Paige. Xanthe rescues Ben from a sleazy driver when he attempts to hitchhike out of town. Wendy cracks under further questioning and admits she was paid to lie. 

Wednesday 22 June

Paige and John are hit by a bombshell when his memories return and his true identity is finally revealed. When Xanthe and Ben confess that they stole money from the penthouse, a new clue emerges and a fresh suspect is in the spotlight, leading Mark to realise that Paul has been wrongly jailed. 

Thursday 23 June

Julie Quill admits that she hired Jacka to blow up the Lassiter’s boiler. John learns his real name and tells Paige he is going to reconnect with his family. Gary plays hardball with Tom Quill in an effort to sort out Xanthe’s debt. Paul returns to Ramsay Street, but what lies ahead for the people who crossed him? 


Friday 24 June

When Walter announces that he and Zoe are returning home, he asks to pick up Nell for a final goodbye. Paul reveals to Steph that he wants his share of the motel back so that he can repair his finances. Terese plucks up the courage to ask Paul for another chance,
but he tells her they are over for good.