Neighbours: Stonefish pays a Toadie a mysterious visit – plus Sarah’s son Angus arrives

2-6 May 2016: And Tom Quill is brought in for questioning over the Lassiter’s explosion


Monday 2 May


When Susan learns that Sarah has decided to stop her chemotherapy treatment, she urges her not to give up. The arrival of Sarah’s son Angus causes immediate trouble for Ben. Mark fears he may have wrongly arrested Paul when Tom Quill is finally apprehended. 

Tuesday 3 May

Ben confesses that he wants nothing to do with Angus. Sarah learns that a placement has become available in Georgia’s research centre. Paul clings to the hope that Tom is guilty of the Lassiter’s explosion, but when the police discover that Tom has an alibi, Paul is returned to home detention. 

Wednesday 4 May

Sarah warns Karl and Susan that Angus could go off the rails when she leaves. Sheila takes drastic action when she learns that Xanthe is being bullied online. Sonya grills Stonefish when he pays Toadie a mysterious visit, and her suspicions grow when Steph attempts to distract her from her line of questioning. 

Thursday 5 May

After lashing out at Xanthe’s bully, Sheila tries to reason with her mother only to lose her temper again. Paige’s jealousy of John’s friendship with Amy grows. Ned inflames controversy when Piper bluffs him into giving her a tattoo. 


Friday 6 May

Paige and John meet someone who knew John prior to the explosion. Aaron sets out to boost Xanthe’s self-confidence and prove her online trolls wrong. When Piper reveals she is doing a vlog timeline of the explosion, Ned fears what she will find out.