Neighbours: Steph is back in town, Daniel is attacked, while Brad and Lauren make their relationship official

19-23 October: Plus Aaron discovers who complained to the police about his gig. And Susan deals with the fallout from the rumour that the school is closing

Monday 19 October


Steph impresses Tyler during a trial shift and lands a job at the garage. Nate realises that
he is not comfortable dating somebody who dances for other men for a living. Josh discovers a letter regarding the closure of Erinsborough High and tells Susan, who forces Paul to reveal the truth. 

Tuesday 20 October

Steph reassures Karl that she wants to rebuild her life, but her plans hits a snag when Lucas refuses to let her work at the garage. Liamʼs business deal with Paul falls through and he asks Amy to change her dadʼs mind. Aaron is shocked when he discovers that Sheila complained to the police about his party. 

Wednesday 21 October

Lucas offers to give Steph her job back, but only if Toadie vouches for her. Tyler tries to discourage Paige from moving in with Mark, but his plan backfires. Susan discovers that only one teacher is being headhunted by Eden Hills, and it is not her. Amber gives Brad her blessing to get together with Lauren and stay at the Turner house permanently. 

Thursday 22 October

Josh encourages Amber to attend a birthing class with Paige. Brad and Susan team up to save Erinsborough High. Lauren and Brad make their relationship official and brace themselves to tell Terese, who is feeling more isolated and alone than ever. Brad and Lauren discover that Haroldʼs home has been trashed. 


Friday 23 October

A homeless man misinterprets Danielʼs friendly gesture and lashes out, leaving Daniel hurt. Lauren is convinced that Terese is responsible for the damage at Haroldʼs but decides not to involve the police. Aaron and Tyler feel sorry for Nell when they learn that Mark is baby- sitting and has a schedule of activities, so they do their best to liven things up.