Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

5-9 January: Toadie and Sonya discover who has been terrorising them. Terese and Brad reconcile after she rebuffs Ezra. Naomi is reunited with her long-lost father Gary. Daniel discovers that he and Amber have been manipulated by Rain

Monday 5 January


Brad is distressed to learn that Ezra accompanied Terese to her room. After a sleepless night, Toadie and Sonya hear someone in the house and find a woman there. While filling in the hole that he dug in the bush, Nate confesses that the holes are a way to battle his insomnia. 

Tuesday 6 January

Sonya confronts the woman who has been terrorising her. Brad supports Terese as she gives a statement to Matt about how she repelled Ezra. Lauren continues to worry about Rainʼs influence on Amber, who announces to the family that she is not going to university, but has decided to join the commune instead. 

Wednesday 7 January

Lauren is horrified by Amberʼs decision, while Daniel confronts Rain, who shows her true colours. When Paige teases Bailey about his lost love, he seeks revenge by replying to an assumed scammer who is sending her messages online. Naomi is reunited with her long-lost father Gary, but is quickly rankled by Sheilaʼs blatant favouritism and challenges Gary to reveal the dark truth about his past. 

Thursday 8 January

After learning that Rain has been manipulating him, Daniel is furious to discover that she has been doing the same to Amber through meditation. As the Cannings excitedly prepare for Kyle and Georgiaʼs vow renewal, a devastated Kyle discovers that Gary left his truck unlocked and that his work tools are gone. Paige enjoys messaging Bryson until a surprised Bailey asks why she is still in contact with him. 

Friday 9 January


When Sheila accuses Gary of selling Kyleʼs tools, he protests his innocence. Gary sees Kyle struggling financially from the ensuing loss of work and earns some quick cash to help him. Toadie and Brennan secure the house, afraid that the intruder will return. After promising not to bring home any more cuddly animals, Karl returns from the pet shop with a not-so-cuddly Mexican walking fish.