Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

9-13 September: Matt’s jealousy escalates, Susan gives Terese a warning, while Lucas makes a terrible mistake

Monday 9 September


Lucas is still feeling the financial pressure, so he’s relieved when someone from his past, Harry, repays an old debt. But he’s uneasy upon learning Harry won the money at an illegal poker game. Lucas is adamant that those days are behind him.

At Harold’s, Vanessa continues to suffer from morning sickness. With Lauren’s help, Lucas persuades her to take time off. However, at the open house for Number 32, no prospective buyers show up, which only heaps more pressure on Lucas. With it all building, he admits to Vanessa that things could be better. Covering, he tells her all will be okay; he has a plan to keep them afloat. What Vanessa doesn’t know is that he will use the money from Harry to gamble again.

Toadie, Sonya and Susan go overboard setting up decorations for Callum’s birthday. He’s excited because he thinks Imogen is coming, and is crushed when she cancels. He can’t understand Imogen’s excuse and Bailey admits the truth – he spoke to her. Callum is bitterly disappointed: the way he sees it, not only have his parents thrown him a kids’ party, but his best friend has scuppered his chances with Imogen.

At school the next day, when shy Josie offers him a birthday present, he at first suspects Bailey has set him up. However, Callum later speaks to Josie and is shocked to realise they’ve been playing Dragon Prophecies online together for ages: it’s clear she likes him, but Callum has no idea what to make of it.

Mason may have sold his watch, but it’s not enough to get Robbo off his back. Desperate Mason asks Toadie if he could – theoretically – alter his witness statement, only to be warned against it. Later, when Paul catches Robbo intimidating him, he urges Mason to finally tell him what’s really going on. Once he’s heard the whole story, Paul quickly comes up with a plan, calling his associate Marty. What’s Paul up to?

Tuesday 10 September

Driven by the poor showing for his house, Lucas joins a high-stakes poker game but has second thoughts when he realises it’s Robbo’s. Talked into staying, Lucas wins a huge hand and, despite Robbo’s attempts to get him to stay, manages to tear himself away. Lucas is racked with guilt over his gambling, and struggles to hide his conflict from Vanessa, feeling terrible for lying to her. When Lucas later runs into him again, Robbo goads him, certain he’ll be back gambling again in no time. Lucas firmly denies he will, but does he have the strength to keep resisting?

Terese tries to reinvigorate her marriage and encourages a busy Brad to go on a date. It seems to work, but when Matt notices Lauren watching them, he thinks she’s envious of their romance and gets jealous. They end up arguing over it, until Lauren convinces him he’s wrong. But later, Lauren panics when she realises that, in loaning out a picture frame to the photo exhibition, Matt’s also handed over her sketch of their old house. And when Brad discovers Lauren’s old sketch of him on the back, he’s forced to wonder what this means.

Sensing Kate’s stress over the upcoming exhibition, Kyle helps out by rounding up some of the late photos, including Toadie’s. Everything seems to be coming together, but Kate’s still overwhelmed. Chris suspects her determination to make Georgia’s exhibition a success is partly fuelled by lingering guilt over her tryst with Kyle. Kate’s touched when he urges her to let it go, suggesting she should enjoy her friendship with Kyle without feeling guilty anymore, and she resolves to do just that.

Wednesday 11 September

When Georgia returns from her conference, Mason witnesses the affection between her and Kyle, and can’t help feeling wistful about the lack of intimacy in his relationship with Kate. Mason tries to rectify this, but Kate makes it clear she’s just not ready. Mason is understanding and wants to support her however he can, but Kate later confides in Chris: she can’t explain why she finds it so hard to open up to Mason, and she wishes he knew how to help without having to be told.

In the meantime, the exhibition preparation provides Kate with a distraction, and she pours her energy into it. But Georgia’s return prompts Kyle to decide he no longer needs Kate’s help, much to her disappointment – after all, the exhibition is Georgia’s baby.

Lauren is relieved that Matt hasn’t seen the sketch of Brad on the back of the Mt Isa house drawing but isn’t too thrilled to hear he left the picture at the uni common room overnight. The next morning, Lauren mortified to discover that not only has Brad seen the sketch but also the work of art is actually missing from the common room. Brad doesn’t understand why Lauren won’t save herself the trouble of searching high and low, and just tell Matt what she’s hiding. However, when Matt discovers Brad and Lauren in an accidentally close position, he’s barely able to keep a lid on his jealousy. Matt apologises for his behaviour to Lauren, but now Brad understands why she kept the sketch a secret and agrees not to say anything more about it.

Georgia is surprised when Chris reveals someone filmed her last performance and put it up on YouTube. However, she is thrilled to discover how popular it’s been. Mason is not so thrilled, with the clip’s success only serving to remind him about Robbo’s threat to release the footage of Amber, and the potential damage that might result. Paul also stumbles across the video of Georgia and is intrigued by the interest it’s receiving. Spotting an opportunity, he offers Georgia a regular gig at Charlie’s. Georgia is thrilled, but Paul has one condition – she has to drop Karl from the act.

Thursday 12 September

With Karl back from his London trip, Susan is quick to confide her fear that one of her students (Imogen) could have an eating disorder. Karl advises her to talk to someone close to the student for more facts before making any firm accusations, so Susan goes to Terese. But in her efforts to make subtle enquiries about Imogen’s recent behaviour, she puts Terese off-side. Deciding to try again with a more direct approach, Susan tells Terese her suspicions. A stunned Terese refuses to believe it and sends Susan packing, but she’s left unsettled. Could she really have missed all the signs?

Georgia is struggling with telling Karl about Paul’s offer for her to play solo. In an effort to soften the blow, she goes to Paul to make sure she can still perform at Charlie’s with The Right Prescription. But Paul turns her down, saying she has to perform solo or not at all. Unwilling to hurt Karl, Georgia turns him down. But when Susan helps Karl realise he’s holding her back, he gives a delighted Georgia his blessing.

In an effort to cheer up a housebound and anxious Vanessa, Lauren decides to throw her an afternoon tea party. But when Sheila learns Vanessa’s pregnant, she doesn’t pass on the invitation to Kate – worrying she won’t emotionally cope with all the baby talk.

An unknowing Terese invites Kate anyway and when Kate arrives, things quickly become awkward. Unable to handle Vanessa’s constant worrying about her pregnancy, Kate becomes distraught. Vanessa tries to calm her but Kate accidentally ruins the cake and runs off, mortified. When Georgia reveals the reason for Kate’s stress (that she’s unlikely to have children due to Premature Ovarian Failure), Vanessa’s sympathetic, realising how petty her own problems seem by comparison. But even as Sheila reassures a worried Kate that her blow-up won’t have added to Vanessa’s pregnancy stress, Vanessa is struck down with severe stomach cramps. Something’s wrong with the baby…

Friday 13 September

Vanessa is taken to hospital by Lauren and Lucas rushes to her side. Both become frustrated with the public health system as Vanessa is forced to wait all day to get an ultrasound and other tests. Kate blames herself for causing Vanessa’s health scare and apologises but the two women quickly reconcile.

An ultrasound reveals that Vanessa and Lucas’s unborn baby is safe, but Lucas worries that something like this will happen again and promises to get private health cover. He takes part in another poker game with Robbo, only this time he loses big…

Lou returns from Cambodia, reinvigorated by the experience and bearing gifts. He tells Bailey and Lauren that Sheila is keen on him, based on comments that she posted on his blog, but he’s going to let her down gently. Bailey reveals to Sheila that he posted comments on Lou’s blog under her name – they were meant to be innocent ones but Lou has taken them the wrong way. Sheila demands that Bailey clear up the misunderstanding.


Joshua’s problems with Hudson continue through training. Eventually Josh makes one crack too many and Hudson tells Brad that he doesn’t want to be coached by him anymore. However, Joshua confides to Terese that his problem isn’t so much with Hudson as missing time with his father. He admits that he feels guilty for leaving Brad for Don. Brad assures his son that he will always come first and they reconcile. Joshua then persuades Hudson to be coached by Brad again.