Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

15-19 July: Bailey is seriously hurt after hitting his head and falling unconscious into the pool, a stranger watches Sonya's every move, while Amber discovers Lauren's history with Brad

Monday 15 July


Brad reels as the reality of Joshua’s desire to change coaches hits home. He refuses to allow the change, sure Joshua’s making the wrong decision. Terese takes a more considered approach, listening to Don’s plans for Joshua, and to Joshua’s reasons for wanting to change coaches, before urging Brad to reconsider. But it’s an unexpected trip down memory road with Lauren that ultimately leads Brad to the realisation that he’s been trying to live vicariously through Joshua. Humbled by his new perspective, Brad makes amends by signing Don’s coaching contract and giving Joshua his blessing. 

Still hurt over the discovery that Rani and Bailey kissed, Callum does everything in his power to cut Bailey out of his life and keep Rani away from him, leaving Bailey out in the cold and Rani feeling more guilty than ever. 

Sonya receives word that an old friend from the past has died. She’s torn, wanting to pay her respects by attending the funeral, but worried about going back into a world she chose to leave behind. She ultimately decides to send flowers and say goodbye her own way, having realised that the past is the past, and that’s where it belongs. But when a mysterious stranger shows up in Erinsborough and starts watching her every move, could she be wrong?

Tuesday 16 July

Sonya is rattled to learn that Walter, a new man in town, is in fact her uncle.  Having believed for years that all her blood relatives are dead, it’s a lot to get used to. But as Walter shares stories and photos of Sonya’s childhood, strong, long-forgotten memories are evoked and Sonya is delighted. Toadie urges caution, reminding Sonya that Walter is still a stranger and insisting there’s no hurry – she has plenty of time to get to know him. But he can’t blame her for being excited – after all this time, she really does have a living blood relative.

Following her one-night stand with Kyle, Kate struggles to come to terms with her guilty secret, feeling isolated, alone and unable to talk to her best friend; Georgia. She doesn’t have the head-space to deal with Mason, and can’t stand seeing Georgia with Kyle, who is doing his level best to act as though nothing happened between them. Torn, she decides to take a spontaneous trip to Sydney, leaving Kyle to explain her absence to Georgia.

The tension between Callum and Bailey builds to a head, culminating in a confrontation. Shoves are exchanged, and Bailey hits his head on the side of the pool, falling unconscious into the water… 

Wednesday 17 July

Bailey is rushed to the hospital having knocked his head and fallen into the pool after being shoved by Callum. As Callum waits for news of Bailey he tries to apologise to Rani for what happened but she’s still too angry to speak to him. Ajay thinks the situation has gotten out of control and Toadie is concerned that Callum could be held accountable if Bailey’s condition is serious. Meanwhile, Karl reports to Lauren and Matt on Bailey’s status. He’s conscious and lucid but he’s not out of the woods yet. Inhalation of fresh water can lead to secondary drowning, a condition where even a small amount of water in the lungs can cause suffocation after the event.  

While Toadie and Callum are at the hospital waiting for news, Sonya is getting to know her Uncle Walter.  She’s enthralled by his stories about her mother and father and is clearly forming a strong attachment to her long lost Uncle. Toadie returns home from the hospital having had an argument with Callum over his attitude. When Callum walks in Sonya excitedly introduces him to Walter but Callum is surly and dismissive. Toadie is troubled but Walter is forgiving and insightful about Callum’s behaviour. Callum is a lot like his grandfather – he has a big heart but he gives it away too easily. 

Lauren fights to keep her distance from Brad but the more she tries the harder it gets.  Knowing Lauren and Matt have had their hands full visiting Bailey in hospital, Brad arrives with dinner for the Turners  – left overs from bite club .When Brad compliments Lauren’s drawing of the old Mt Isa house on the wall the wall in the kitchen, Amber notices Lauren’s discomfort but figures her mum’s just being modest. But when Bailey comes home and accidently knocks the picture off the wall, the glass smashes and Amber is shocked to discover the drawing of a young Brad on the back.

Thursday 18 July

Terese makes Paul attend the sexual harassment workshop she is running, despite the fact the Hotel Ratings Inspector is coming tomorrow. At the workshop, Sheila embarrasses Paul during a role playing exercise, though he blames Terese.  Meanwhile, Imogen is surprised to learn about her dad and Lauren’s history. She questions Brad, who is honest. Imogen recalls the time her parents split up. Brad corrects some of her misconceptions and explains that Terese learnt from her mistake – her former boss fancied her and she let it get out of hand. Back at the workshop, Paul gets revenge on Terese by putting his hand on her inappropriately during another role play. Sheila is unimpressed and later warns Brad to keep an eye on Paul because he may have designs on his wife.

Brad plans a romantic dinner for Terese, but is put out to receive a terse call from Paul explaining that Terese will be late, without mentioning that there is a real crisis at Lassiters, which involves an injured elderly guest and a potential lawsuit. In the morning, Brad wakes on the couch, not impressed that Terese has had to pull an all nighter. He finds Sheila, who admits that Paul once had an affair with Ajay’s wife. Increasingly paranoid, Brad arrives at Lassiters just as Terese and Paul are congratulating each other in a friendly hug for winning back the hotel’s five star rating. Brad loses his cool and launches into a tirade at Paul, warning him off his wife. A mortified Terese eventually drags Brad away but the Hotel Inspector is unimpressed and the damage is done.

Having discovered the sketch of a young Brad, Amber questions her mum. Lauren eventually admits they were once serious, however, Brad broke her heart. Amber agrees not to tell her dad about the sketch and covers when Matt offers to get it fixed.

Josh struggles to keep up with his homework and gratefully accepts Amber’s offer of help. They experience a close moment, bonding over Josh’s embarrassing taste in music and the advice Amber offers in regards to switching coaches. But will Amber be able to get through his tricky homework and hold his interest? 

Friday 19 July

Brad is kicking himself. Having accused Paul of making a move on Terese, he works hard to make amends. Not that he can fix the damage he’s done to Lassiters – because of his outburst, the hotel has lost their chance to regain their five-star rating. Terese isn’t happy, but she can deal with it – what she can’t deal with is Brad’s insecurity. Brad is forced to admit that he’s still holding on to some jealousy over Terese’s troubled relationship with her ex-boss. As old wounds are re-opened, Lauren is caught in the middle when both Brad and Terese confide in her. Careful to stay neutral, she does what she can to buoy them both. Brad and Terese ultimately agree to put the past to bed and move on, but will that be easier said than done?

Hearing she’s returned from Sydney, Mason confronts Kate, pressing her to explain why she keeps avoiding him. Unable to admit the real reason – her one-night stand with Kyle – and feeling she no longer deserves him, a guilty Kate is forced to break his heart. She tells Mason that she slept with another guy, information that a devastated Mason passes on to Georgia. Georgia hunts out Kate, pushing her to come clean – why is Kate keeping secrets? Who did she sleep with? Put on the spot, Kate finds herself wavering – and when Georgia declares she knows who it was, Kate’s rattled. Is her secret out? 


Amber has been working hard to win Josh’s attention. She’s thrilled when he finally takes notice – and even more thrilled when he kisses her. But Mason can only see trouble ahead. He warns Amber to let it go: Josh is a control freak, there’s no way he’ll put her needs before his swimming career. Caught in a happy bubble, Amber shrugs off his warning. But is she really prepared for what she’s getting herself into?