Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

23-27 June: Matt closes in on Kate's killer, while Paige is torn about revealing her true identity

Monday 23 June


Will Mercedes and Freddie be held accountable for their actions? Or will they manage to shift blame elsewhere? Holly learns of her mum’s infidelity, but who is Cindy’s secret lover?  As Darren’s made aware of Nancy’s whereabouts, how will he react? Nana promises to sort out the McQueens’ mess, but can she be true to her word? 

Tuesday 24 June

Matt continues the hunt for the chief suspect in Kate’s murder. Is the person behind her death closer than anyone realises? A suspicious Lou confronts Lauren about what really happened between her and Brad in Adelaide. When Terese becomes suspicious of her snooping, Paige decides to leave Lassiter’s and prepares to move in with Brennan – just down the street from Lauren and Brad. 

Wednesday 25 June

Paul struggles to come to terms with his connection to Kate’s killer. Will his guilt drive him to do something drastic? Lauren is torn about telling Matt the truth. Karl tries to persuade his daughter Libby, who is filling in as deputy principal, to stay in town permanently. When Georgia and Chris try to help Kyle kick-start his business, Chris discovers a shocking photo of Kyle from his trip to Thailand. 

Thursday 26 June

Callum’s goodbye party places a strain on Toadie and Sonya. Georgia quizzes Kyle about whether he was unfaithful to her in Thailand and is dissatisfied with his responses. Karl recruits his neighbours to lobby Libby to stay, but his efforts backfire. Amber decides to set Daniel up with Imogen to make sure that he is out of reach. 

Friday 27 June


Naomi’s schemes to get some time alone with Toadie continue to cause problems in his marriage to Sonya. Amber’s efforts to set Imogen up with Daniel do not go to plan and he ends up confronting Amber about her own feelings. Despite Josh’s help, Bailey is struggling following Callum’s departure. Will he turn to drink for comfort?