Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

13-17 May: Amber discovers that she has an enemy at school, Steph's return creates problems for Lucas, while Mason and Kate become an item

Monday 13 May


Worn out, not sleeping, Georgia makes the mistake of returning to Karl for a stronger sleeping pill prescription, which only prompts him to ask some of the deeper questions about her current behaviour and work patterns. Not happy with being confronted, she snaps and just as quickly apologises, thereby confirming Karl’s suspicions before she beats a hasty retreat. But if she thought that she was going to find sanctuary at home, she was wrong as Sonya, Callum and Nell return. Seeing the state of the house, Sonya goes in search of answers and she’s disturbed to hear Kate’s report on Georgia’s recent woes. Taking the bull by the horns, Sonya attempts to get through to Georgia, only to find herself further shut out. But in the end, Georgia can no longer bury her head in the sand as Karl takes matters into his own hands and quietly organises for some time off. Georgia is furious, but she is wasting her breath as a sympathetic Karl assures her that the enforced lay-off will do her a world of good… She will have no choice but to face her demons.  

Eager to return to school and get a fresh start, Amber’s hope take an immediate battering as she arrives to find a note on her locker and a new enemy. Cassie Nicholls has it in for Amber and she’s already taking prisoners… As Amber discovers, when she finds a rat in her school bag. Unleashing it only causes pandemonium, much to Kate’s anger, but when it comes time to point the finger, Amber takes the blame. Quickly and shrewdly working out what’s really going on, Kate pleads with her to make a full report, but Amber holds out. Later, with Chris, as he too begs her to take this bullying seriously, they discover the cause of Cassie’s ill-will… Having attempted to engage with her potential new friends during the holidays using social media, Amber has inadvertently trolled Cassie… But when she goes to apologise she learns Cassie is not going to be forgiving her any time soon. 

Forced to make one of his dreaded calls back to Lyn, Paul is surprised by the news she has for him. Steph has been released on parole. Kate is then shocked as Paul reports that not only has she been released, she’s on her way back to Erinsborough. But for what purpose? A question that confronts Lucas, further threatening the fragile happiness of his new family.

Tuesday 14 May

Vanessa and Lauren learn they have a new boss at Harold’s, Steph Scully (who’s just been released from jail), but Steph gets a bigger surprise when she learns that Lucas, her ex-boyfriend, has set up house with Vanessa and they have a baby together. Vanessa is worried when she learns that Lucas and Steph were still together and very much in love before Steph went to jail, but Lucas reassures Vanessa that he has no feelings for Steph. He is totally over her but is Steph over Lucas? Steph visits Lucas at the Garage and they bond over old times. Then, Steph probes Lauren for the dirt on Vanessa and Lucas’s relationship and is pleased to find it’s not as solids as it appears. 

Having promised Lyn she would keep an eye out for Steph, Susan hints to Karl that Steph should stay with them but Karl, with mixed feelings about Steph’s return and memories of losing Ringo, is resolute that Steph will not being living under their roof.  

Lucas struggles privately with the discovery that he has testicular cancer and the risk that the cancer may have spread throughout his body. Karl manages to bring his scan up earlier so they can see if the cancer has spread. Lucas still hasn’t told Vanessa about the cancer and lies about his whereabouts so he can make his appointment for the scan.  

Sonya, having returned from Colac, finds that Penelope has let the nursery go to rack and ruin – not opening on time, stock not ordered and paperwork not done. Sonya takes Nell to work and tries to right Penelope’s wrongs but she soon discovers that juggling a small baby and a small business is too much.

Wednesday 15 May

After Steph drops around with a present for Patrick, Vanessa’s convinced she’s genuinely trying to turn her life around, but Sonya’s doubts remain. Meanwhile, Steph visits Lucas at the Garage and he offers to take her for a ride on his motorbike. When they return Lucas realises he’s late for his appointment. He races off, leaving Steph to close up. Once he’s gone, the hospital calls and Steph discovers he lied to Vanessa about his whereabouts. She goes to the hospital to confront him and after a tense exchange Lucas finally admits he has cancer.  

Kate’s surprised to learn Georgia’s baby-sitting Nell, but Georgia assures her she’s fine. She even accepts an invitation to go to Charlie’s, but when she sees Kyle there she is suddenly filled with anxiety. She heads off, leaving Kate worried. Later, Georgia meets Pete at the bar where he offers a way of forgetting her troubles – a pill. Will Georgia be tempted? 

Mason tells Lou he’s still having no luck with Kate. Lou suggests it may have something to do with Noah. When Mason mentions this to Kate, she says it’s all too complicated – they’re just not meant to be. Hurt by her rejection, Mason hangs out with Rhiannon, leaving Kate to wonder if she’s made the right decision. Later, Kate shows up at Mason’s place under the pretence of dropping work off for Amber, but really she’s there to see if Rhiannon went home with Mason. Twigging to what’s really going on, Mason reiterates he and Rhiannon are finished. Kate finally declares her feelings and the pair are on the verge of sharing their first kiss when Lou interrupts. 

Thursday 16 May

Lucas steels himself to receive the results of his scan for testicular cancer. Keeping the truth from Vanessa, he turns to Steph for support. Both Lucas and Steph are relieved when Lucas receives the best possible prognosis – the cancer hasn’t spread – Lucas will make a full recovery. Relieved, Lucas goes to tell Vanessa, not realising she has discovered the engagement ring he’s kept hidden and is expecting a proposal. Vanessa is devastated when she learns Lucas’s news and she’s further thrown when she discovers he’s known for days. Lucas stays quiet about Steph’s support – but will Steph keep his secret? 

Toadie and Sonya battle with their respective workloads, and Sonya concludes she has no choice but to sell the nursery. As an alternative, Toadie comes up with the idea of job sharing with Ajay. Ajay, however, has a proposal of his own, instead wanting Toadie to leave his job so they can open up a law firm together. Toadie is reluctant, and we learn that he’s terrified of letting anyone down again. He’s seen the consequences of failing in court – Steph’s life was ripped apart, while he was able to carry on and play happy families. Knowing Toadie needs closure, Sonya fronts Steph and asks her to tell Toadie that she’s moved on and has forgiven him, but instead, Steph turns on Toadie, letting him know she blames him for her prison sentence and the way her life has turned out. Toadie is shattered, and his guilt deepens.

Kyle springs Georgia coming home after a night of hard partying. Wires are crossed, and Kyle convinces himself that she’s hooked up with Pete. He decides he’s beating a dead horse, vowing to forget Georgia and put his energy into his work. Meanwhile, Georgia finally mends the breach with Chris, who tries to give her a gentle nudge in Kyle’s direction. But Georgia, with fresh perspective, also vows that she’s going to put her energy into work. It’s time she got her life back on track. But then Sonya discovers a party drug in Georgia’s bag. Georgia is busted – big time. 

Friday 17 May

Hurting too much to tell Sonya about Steph’s claim he’s responsible for her prison sentence, Toadie feels the pressure of Sonya’s hopes he will go into private practice with Ajay. But when he tells Ajay the truth, explaining he doesn’t want to take personal responsibility for his friends’ lives again, Ajay suggests the best way to overcome his guilt might be to keep helping people who really need him, no matter how anxious it makes him feel. Swayed, Toadie agrees to the partnership. 

Mason and Kate’s bubbling flirtation hits a bump when he accidentally catches her topless while sunbathing. Inadvertently given an idea by Lou, Mason tries to patch things up by orchestrating for Kate to catch him naked, but the plan goes awry when it’s Sheila rather than Kate he exposes himself to. The plan still works, with Kate sufficiently amused that she forgets her self-consciousness, but it comes at a greater cost to Mason’s pride than he had hoped. 

When Paul upsets Rhiannon by suggesting she’s too low-rent for him, Sheila gives her some tough love, advising she’ll never find real love until she starts respecting herself. An impromptu makeover has immediate results, with Paul halfway though hitting on a sophisticated woman at the bar before he realises it is actually Rhiannon. 


After finding drugs in her bag, Toadie suggests Georgia take some time out as Nell’s babysitter. Georgia is miserable at yet another setback just as she was trying to get her life in order. But when Kate urges her not give up, Georgia sticks to her vow to make a change, starting by apologising to Karl for her harsh words when she was sent on leave from the hospital.