Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

23-27 February: Naomi pursues Brennan, while an underwear thief is on the loose in Erinsborough

Monday 23 February


Imogen is helped home from her drunken night out by a sexy stranger called Tyler, which causes a stir among the boys back home. With the garbage bins at Lassiterʼs overflowing, Paul makes a call to the waste management union steward demanding that they end their strike, with disastrous results. Brennan offers to show Naomi some self-defence moves at his place. Is he planning to make a move on her?

Tuesday 24 February

Matt quits his highly paid security guard job after discovering that he was working for Dimato Industries all along, but his decision leaves him unable to keep up with the mortgage repayments. Brennan bails his little brother Tyler out of jail and offers him a place to stay, just as long as he pays his way and acts responsibly. Naomi and Brennan stop tiptoeing around each other and finally act on their simmering attraction. 

Wednesday 25 February

The Turners are left reeling after discovering that all of their money has been stolen by someone using Paigeʼs identity. Paul and Lauren are concerned that Daniel and Amber are rushing into getting married so soon after their reconciliation and decide that something must be done to put a halt to it. The ladies of Ramsay Street are aghast to learn that there is an underwear thief operating in the area. 

Thursday 26 February

Kyle stuns Georgia when he tells her that he wants to try for a baby. Lauren and Paul do their best to put the brakes on Daniel and Amberʼs wedding plans, roping in Lou for support, but their plan backfires when Daniel wins Lou over. Kyle, Lou and Karl are all suspected in the case of the underwear thief. 

Friday 27 February


Paige arranges to meet the suspected identity thief, but is she putting herself in danger? Georgia keeps her fears about trying for another baby from Kyle. In a foolhardy attempt to impress the ladies in their lives, Kyle, Toadie, Chris and Karl get tattoos of their partnerʼs names but are given the wrong ones. When Sheila steps in to help Lou at the store, a customer observes that they seem like a loving couple.