Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

19-23 May: Josh's party turns sour, while Paul is humiliated when the police arrive while he is hosting a networking event

Monday 19 May


Amber and Josh argue when her job with Rick appears to be taking centre stage in their lives, before Amber realises that the photographer is an obnoxious bully and apologises. Pam refuses to believe that Doug has Alzheimer’s, but is helped by Karl to come to terms with it. Naomi insists that her relationship with Toadie is strictly professional. Sheila, however, suspects otherwise. 

Tuesday 20 May

Sonya asks Toadie if Naomi has been trying to make a move on him, but he suggests that Sonya has a chip on her shoulder over Naomi’s past indiscretions. Brad worries that his father’s diagnosis could spell the end for his parents’ marriage, before Terese suggests that Pam and Doug move in. Brennan is shocked to discover that his ex Sienna gave a false alibi for Kate’s death. 

Wednesday 21 May

Brennan’s ex-girlfriend Sienna admits her alibi was fake, but insists that she is innocent. With her reputation in tatters, will Brennan take her in? Susan is livid when Karl inadvertently jeopardises a potential ceremony with Mandy and Eric. Daniel ruins Imogen’s new dress in a skateboarding mishap, and makes things worse when he buys a replacement that is far too big. 

Thursday 22 May

Brennan is convinced that Sienna is telling the truth and lets her stay at his house, but when she reveals that she has lost her job, new doubts emerge over her intentions. Amber makes Josh a book that chronicles their relationship, before he has too much champage and collapses at their birthday party. Imogen wants to make amends with Daniel after the dress fiasco and is upset when he does not accept her peace offering of a new skateboard. 

Friday 23 May

After collapsing at his birthday party from one glass of champagne too many, Josh is dismayed to discover that he may be intolerant of alcohol. He is inspired however, by Doug and Pam’s decision to travel the world before Doug’s Alzheimer’s takes hold. Paul finds a healthy distraction from Kate’s murder case when he holds a networking event, but it backfires when the police turn up to repossess his new painting.