Neighbours: Jimmy is involved in a hit and run – plus Mark is suspicious of Belinda

11-15 July 2016: And Tyler thinks that there are too many obstacles stopping him and Piper from being together


Monday 11 July


Piper tells Tyler the truth about what her parents said, and he decides that their getting together is too problematic. Mark is disturbed by Belinda’s fixation on Steph. Gary discovers that Xanthe is upset because Piper is no longer going to the school formal, and promises to buy her an expensive dress. 

Tuesday 12 July

Mark is suspicious of Belinda when the description of a car involved in a hit-and-run with Jimmy matches one that she has been driving. Amy seeks religious guidance from Jack when Jimmy has surgery. Jack reacts angrily when Paige kisses an old colleague. 

Wednesday 13 July

Gary is tempted to take on some illegal work when the cost of providing for Xanthe starts to mount. Jack’s ongoing indecision about joining the priesthood breaks Paige’s heart. Karl sets out on a mission to install bike lanes on all of Erinsborough’s roads. 

Thursday 14 July

Gary makes a dangerous decision in order to pay for a professional tutor for Xanthe. Piper spies Terese flirting with Ryan and accuses her of double standards. In turn, Terese changes her mind and decides to let Tyler take Piper to the school formal. Aaron comes to Karl’s rescue when his cycle path campaign fails to get any traction. 


Friday 15 July

When a jealous Paul starts ranting about how much of a dirtbag Ryan is, Amy worries that he will unwittingly expose her secret past. Xanthe comes up with a devious plan to wear the dress of her dreams to the formal. Terese discovers the depth of Piper’s feelings for Tyler when she reads her private vlog.