Midsomer Murders – the real death rate

As the ITV detective drama concludes its present series, Radio Times tallies up the body count

You only think Midsomer is the most dangerous place in the world: statistics from the Midsomer Tourist Board show that it’s actually an English idyll. But Radio Times has done some counting of its own…



There have been 231 murders over 89 episodes of Midsomer Murders


Which means the killing rate in the area is 2.6 per episode


But it’s not all murders, you know. The show has featured 11 accidental deaths and a further 7 from natural causes. That does mean the death rate goes up to 2.92 per episode.


The nice number. This is approximately how many countries now screen what they rename as Inspector Barnaby (or an equivalent local police rank)


Midsomer Murders is on Wednesday night at 8:00pm on ITV1