McBusted movie TourPlay: If you weren’t at the UK live tour you’ll feel like you were

Dougie Poynter hopes fans will come away from their tour film feeling like “it's their birthday, they’ve had a roast dinner and they’ve got laid” - and Sian Jones agrees

Almost a year ago the two biggest bands of my youth joined forces to form super group McBusted. Many questioned how this could work but those of us who have supported both bands from day one know their story inside out, know that there has always been, as the boys put it, a “chemistry” that you can’t fake on stage as well as an extensive discography of hits. In the words of James Bourne “its all been leading to this point”.


Six months later my teenage dream came true. The group who had inspired me to take up guitar was back on stage minus one member, along with McFly, who filled the gaping hole the break-up of Busted had left in my heart (this is turning into quite the Ode to McBusted).

Then this week, myself and five other friends – friends based purely on the fact that Busted and McFly formed the soundtrack to their angsty teenage years as well – popped down to a cinema in London’s Leicester Square to watch the story of McBusted’s formation.

TourPlay tells the story of the run up to, and journey through, their arena tour. The boys are in no doubt that putting tickets on sale for eleven arenas was a bold move. Busted had been broken up for nearly ten years and only two-thirds of the band were back. Fans will tell you they couldn’t care less about that, but Matt Willis and James Bourne naturally had their doubts. Then there was McFly, who hadn’t had a number one since the release of Transylvania in 2007. Although still a successful pop band, could they sell out a multi-arena tour? Fans old and new said yes and McBusted were officially born.

Danny Jones points out in the film that McBusted had always existed. From day one Tom Fletcher had been writing for Busted with James Bourne, and once Danny himself entered the picture – he reveals in the film that Tom introduced a star struck Jones to Busted whilst on a Smash Hits tour – he penned songs with fellow band members and Bourne. Now it’s officially official.

As well as finding out just how close the six of them are – naked hugging close – its clear from the film that this is an incredibly talented six-piece. You might not like their music, you might not even like them but you can’t deny that for over ten years these guys have been writing hits and performing their own songs live to packed out venues.

In 2005, Matt Willis and James Bourne saw their lives truned upside down by the exit of Charlie Simpson. James in particular struggled with life after Busted and explains that he never thought he would perform his songs again, let alone perform them in a sold out arena. Every milestone of the McBusted journey sees Bourne completely astounded and overwhelmed. Selling out, adding more dates, the designing of the set, the Delorean arriving from the heavens and of course the inflatable breasts. It’s heartbreaking to see how losing Busted affected him but also heartwarming to see the support of his other five band members. Willis and Bourne are realistic about how quickly this could all disappear and although the McFly boys have been lucky enough never to face that reality, they certainly have heightened awareness now. 


Along with their declarations of love for each other, the building of a giant UFO and the hordes of fans, the film is interspersed with live performances of hits such as What I Go To School For, Sleeping With The Light On, Obviously, 5 Colours, and Star Girl. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket for the UK tour then this will certainly make you feel like you were – dance, sing along, cheer, whoop. There is no doubt that these guys can put on a good show. Dougie Poynter hopes that (older) fans will come away feeling like “it’s their birthday, they’ve had a roast dinner and they’ve got laid”. Well if that’s not encouragement enough to get tickets for the next tour I don’t know what is.