Mating season: First Dates

Hopeful love-seekers share their blind dates with the TV-watching public in a new interactive dating series

Looking for love online? You are far from alone. Apparently 9 million of us Brits are turning to the internet to set ourselves up with potential partners…


And Channel 4’s new dating show is taking it one step further.

Following eight couples each week, First Dates will see people arriving at a restaurant to have a blind date. The aim? To capture true love blossoming one chat up line or nervous sip of wine at a time…

At the end of each date couples will be asked if they want to see each other again and that’s where the show gets all interactive. If the answer is a resounding ‘no’ – and you’ve been spending the last hour thinking how much you fancy one of them – you can put yourself forward as their potential next date.

Yes, that’s right. Just days after settling down on your sofa to watch First Dates you could be on the show and even finding love yourself…


Find out what happened when an intrepid reporter took part in First Dates