Look inside an Airbus A380 with Google Street View

The luxury Emirates aircraft becomes the first to feature on Google Maps

Not only can you travel the world virtually with 360-degree images via Google Maps, you can now explore the biggest passenger jet in the sky – the luxury A380 – as it sits in Dubai airport.


By clicking this link you can explore the mega plane with Google Maps, look around an empty cockpit, 72 metres of air carrier – including seats for 517 people, a bar and a luxury shower.

Emirates has been offering flights on A380’s for five years, and the airline recently opened a dedicated concourse at Dubai airport for their fleet of 35 A380 planes, which fly to a total of 21 destinations.

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Google Maps is slowly making it possible to experience big tourist attractions across the globe. Before you book a flight there, why not discover the face of Mount Fuji or scale the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, without even leaving your PC…


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