Jenny Bradley had a child that died, reveals Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews

"She's totally lost her mind and now we're going to see the consequences," says the actress

The reason for Jenny Bradley’s growing obsession with Kevin’s son Jack is to be explained in next week’s episodes of Corrie when it’s revealed that she’s grief stricken following the death of her own child.


“She did have a child and the child died. She’s totally lost her mind and now we’re going to see the consequences,” says actress Sally Ann Matthews. “She has this deluded idea that she has to run off with Jack to keep him safe.”

Upcoming episodes will see Maddie Heath scupper Jenny’s plans to do a runner with Jack in scenes that will see her warped plans exposed.

Jenny will attempt to flee to Hull with Jack in tow, only for Maddie to catch her in the act.  As if the sight of Jenny disguised in a wig wasn’t enough of a clue, Maddie also then spots Jack’s clothes in her bags. 

With Jenny talking about how she wants to protect Jack, Maddie becomes deeply concerned and makes a move to leave the house in order to tell Kevin and Sophie. But Jenny soon bars her way – just what does she have planned?

“I don’t believe that she’s planned any of this. Jenny was very reluctant to look after Jack, you have to remember that,” continues the actress. “But God knows what it’s going to be like for me when the viewers see all this. It was bad enough when Jenny slapped Maria!”

But producer Stuart Blackburn is hopeful that Coronation Street fans won’t demonise Jenny. “I’ve never considered that character to be a nutter. She’s a terribly damaged woman, whose life stopped the day her child died. And who’s been unable, no matter how hard she tries, to move away from that,” he says.

“When it all finally comes out, there could be understanding for Jenny,” hints Matthews.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

And, beneath that, you can also see a video interview with Sally Ann Matthews.


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