How to watch the Brexit deal vote

Here's how you can tune in on Saturday to the ongoing debates in the House of Commons


MPs will vote on Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal on 19th October, marking the first time in a century that MPs have sat in the House of Commons on a Saturday.


Northern Ireland’s DUP is reportedly not supporting the deal, which will make the vote very close — if it passes, Britain will be leaving the European Union with Johnson’s deal on 31st October.

How can I watch the Brexit deal vote live on TV?

BBC Parliament will have coverage from the House of Commons all day. You can watch it  live online here.

What will happen and when will the vote take place?

There’s no set time for the vote, but MPs will sit in the Commons from 9.30am tomorrow (Saturday 19th October), when Johnson will give a statement.

Voting is likely to start after 2.30pm, but if any amendments to the deal are suggested and selected by the Speaker John Bercow, the votes on those amendments will have to take place first.

Peers (from the House of Lords) will sit at 10am and should finish at 3pm, but timings are likely to become clearer on the day itself.

Discussions could theoretically continue for much of the day, but the Prime Minister will probably try to wrap things up early — if the deal isn’t passed by 11pm, Johnson will be required by law to ask for a delay to Brexit.


Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has previously said: “As it stands we [Labour] cannot support this deal.”