Home and Away: the week ahead in Summer Bay

4-8 November: Spoilers - Casey collapses, while Heath and Bianca cut their honeymoon short

Monday 4 November


Hannah’s sudden arrival in the Bay has Zac worried and he decides to investigate further what Ethan is doing at Sanctuary Lodge. Is it a self-help group or a cult? Chris proves to be a troublesome tenant. Casey remains optimistic, but Dr Bradley is unsure whether he will ever walk again.

Tuesday 5 November

Casey is found collapsed on the floor, prompting Tamara to offer him the hand of friendship, which Kyle agrees is probably a good thing. Casey tells Brax that his accident was nothing of the sort. Zac is shown around Sanctuary Lodge where his nephew and niece are ‘staying’, but does he get the full picture? Irene bans Indi from her house after catching her in bed with Chris.

Wednesday 6 November

Heath and Bianca cut short their honeymoon to visit Casey in hospital. Brax plans to inflict some painful revenge when he finds out who ran Casey off the road. Tamara admits that she still has feelings for Casey, prompting Kyle to break up with her. Pippa gets a place at the clinic in America, but confides that she is scared the treatment will not work.

Thursday 7 November

When Jett and John see Winston on a date with Marilyn, Jett offers to be John’s wingman and they join the party, soon causing Marilyn to beat a retreat. Winston asks John to back off, but John has no plans to do so. Maddy plays with fire by questioning Josh over his role in the accident. As Roo organises a going away party for Pippa, Alf is thrown sideways at being asked to be a witness to her will.

Friday 8 November


After gifts from both John and Winston pile up, Marilyn tells that she does not want to spend time with either of them. Alf avoids Pippa’s farewell party, strugglign with the thought that this could be a final goodbye. Zac gets a call from his nephew Oscar in the lodge asking for help, but before he gets the whole story the line goes dead.