Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

7-11 October: Brax tries to help Casey when he passes out, while Heath doesn't find wedding planning as exciting as Bianca had hoped

Monday 7 October


As Casey’s destructive influence takes its on toll on Maddy, Brax tries to get his brother to cut back on the drink. Sally feels uneasy about pushing Roo and Harvey out of their home. April seeks advice from Dex on how to overcome Dr Bradley’s bullying.

Tuesday 8 October

Brax asks Tamara to try to get through to Casey, but her interference just brings his pain to the surface. Maddy realises that things have gone too far when Casey passes out on the beach. Alf comes up with a new plan to fund Pippa’s treatment. April is given a chance to prove herself but is shocked when the patient is Casey, who has alcohol poisoning.

Wednesday 9 October

As Tamara’s memory returns to her completely, she realises that she loves both Casey and Kyle. Harvey seeks to put things right between himself, Pippa and Sally. As Sasha and Spencer try to get their relationship back on track, Chris returns to the Bay looking to win back Indi.

Thursday 10 October

Chris wants to pick things up with Indi where they left off, but she is reluctant. Heath snaps, saying he is sick of the lot of them after Casey and Kyle come to blows over Tamara, who decides to clear her head alone. Roo worries over how much time John and Marilyn are spending together.

Friday 11 October


After telling him about her plans to go to America for treatment, Pippa has a seizure while talking to Jett. Sally realises that she has to accelerate plans to get Pippa to the US. Jett warns Marilyn about stepping into Gina’s shoes. Zac’s feelings for Bianca prompt him to question whether she is marrying the right man.