Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

15-19 September: Nate finds Sophie unconscious, while Denny reaches breaking point as Casey pushes her away in favour of his family

Monday 15 September


While Hannah interrogates Zac about whether or not he planted the drugs under Andy’s caravan, Andy meets up with his supplier. Heath struggles with being separated from Darcy and makes the decision to leave town with her and Harley so that they can be a family. John invites Marilyn round for dinner, but his ploy to placate her backfires. 

Tuesday 16 September

Sasha tries hard to help Matt when she attends a careers day and realises that he has serious self- esteem problems. Brax eventually makes Heath see sense as he prepares to flee with his family. Darcy’s grandmother, Connie, swears that she will fight Heath for custody. Sophie collapses at school and is found to have appendicitis. 

Wednesday 17 September

Phoebe’s joy at having found a new flat is quickly dampened by an outburst from Heath, who blames her for telling Darcy about his custody application. Nate waits for news on Sophie’s condition, and worries about her history of addiction to painkillers. Denny is dealt a blow when she discovers that Casey is using her as an escape from his family problems. 

Thursday 18 September

Kyle admits to Phoebe that he is unsure about moving in with her while his family is in crisis. Marilyn is concerned when Jett fails to arrive for lunch at the Diner. He later reveals that he has been avoiding her so as not to come between her and John. Josh arrives at Evelyn’s house with mysterious injuries. Sasha is impressed when she hears a sample of Matt’s music. 

Friday 19 September


Hannah insists that the police should be called about Josh’s beating. Andy panics, fearing that Zac could be implicated. After Andy finally admits that the drugs found on the campsite were his, Hannah sees sense and cuts him loose. Marilyn and John take on Roo as their wedding planner. Maddy is outraged when she discovers that Josh stayed at Evelyn’s house.