Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

1-5 September: A worrying discovery is made under the Barretts’ van at the caravan park, while Denny stages a fire drill to get a moment alone with Casey

Monday 1 September
Nate tells Alf to prepare for the worst after Roo’s condition deteriorates still further. When Denny is rebuffed twice by Casey, who is trying to keep her away from his family, she suggests that they call it quits. After Sasha has no luck getting her job back at the Diner, Matt nearly loses his by harassing Brax.


Tuesday 2 September
Casey and Brax discuss their respective relationship problems during a day spent surfing. Denny uses trickery to get more time alone with Casey. Kyle and Phoebe search for a new flat, but will his decision to lie about his criminal history come back to haunt him? Andy’s advice causes Oscar to run into trouble on his first day of community service.

Wednesday 3 September
Kyle discovers that landlords are reluctant to rent him a flat when they hear his surname. Ricky and Brax have a heart-to-heart about why he does not want a baby. Oscar blames Zac for his trouble on community service. Sasha and Roo are bickering over a pizza when Irene gets a call from the hospital that distracts them from their feud.

Thursday 4 September
Roo is diagnosed with a brain inflammation known as meningoencephalitis, sparking a search for where she picked up the virus. Nate’s failure to trust Sophie becomes an issue. Ricky assures Heath that she does not mind not having children with Brax, but he thinks that she is not being honest with herself. Chris and Spencer make a worrying discovery about the Barretts.


Friday 5 September
Spencer confronts Josh about the marijuana that he and Chris discovered under the Barretts’ van, setting up a difficult decision for Josh. Nate races to discover the cause of Roo’s illness – is the revelation that she took a secret trip to Peru the vital clue he needs? Ashamed about misbehaving, Darcy hides an injury from her father.