Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

17-21 February: Montgomery makes a complaint about Heath, while Ricky has a big decision to make

Monday 17 February


As word spreads about her pregnancy, Ricky struggles to decide whether she should tell Brax. Chris’s devious side is revealed when Irene tells him to get a job and Spencer looks like being the loser. Bianca submits a formal complaint about Ms Montgomery and is surprised to find that the Department is moving very quickly – suggesting that she is not the first to complain.

Tuesday 18 February

Fed up with unwanted advice, Ricky calls a family meeting and makes it clear that she will make her own decision about the baby. Ms Montgomery goes on the offensive after Bianca’s complaint. After her locker is trashed, Tamara tries to think of ways to bring the Summer Bay and Mangrove River students together, but finds her ideas vetoed by Leah on the grounds of cost. Chris’s fears about starting work at the diner prove to be unwarranted.

Wednesday 19 February

Ms Montgomery’s claim that Heath assaulted her is shown to be false when Tamara tells the police that she saw Heath surfing at the time of the alleged attack. Having been authorised to suspend Montgomery, Bianca wastes no time in doing so in a very public manner. Matt’s attempts to hit on Evelyn lead to a fight with Oscar. With Kyle’s help, Tamara pursues her plan to organise an unofficial music festival.

Thursday 20 February

Evelyn walks out of a party after Matt comes on a little too strongly. Maddy and Josh get back together again at a party on the beach, but Andy threatens to come between them when he spikes Maddy’s drink, earning himself a smack in the face from Josh. Zac reacts badly when Hannah invites Nate home for dinner. Roo returns from the city, but nobody wants to tell her the news that Marilyn and John are together.

Friday 21 February


Nate tries to persuade Ricky to come to a decision, and it appears that he may have succeeded. Maddy goes to report Andy to the police, but her relationship with Josh has been badly scarred. Jett tries to help Marilyn and John with some well- meant advice. Roo realises that she needs to adjust to life without Harvey.