Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

24-28 June: Casey is taken in for questioning, Rosie decides to drop out of school, while Adam kidnaps Ricky and Tamara

Monday 24 June


As Casey is taken in for questioning, Brax tries to convince Sergeant Emerson that Casey has been framed. He gets an anonymous tip-off, and when he shows up there’s a bag of cash and a gun waiting for him, how couldn’t it be a set up? Ricky is clearly struggling to keep this secret and after seeing Brax’s distress she pleads with Adam – he’s got what he wanted, it’s time to let this go. Tamara can smell a rat, but still suspects Kyle. Ricky plays along, but it’s clear that after seeing the harm she has caused, she can’t hold onto the lie for much longer.

While Casey is being questioned, Sergeant Emerson brings up that it’s hardly a coincidence that 50K was found in his possession, when that exact amount was stolen in a nearby robbery. He tells Casey that he’s going to have to come up with something a bit better than ‘I didn’t do it’ if he wants to get out of this one. Casey tells him that Jett James was there when the money was delivered, but he’s just a kid and Casey doesn’t want him to be involved. He has no idea why someone would set him up. When Brax finds out that Casey made a statement without his lawyer present he is angry. He goes to see Casey and tells him to keep his stupid mouth shut. Casey asks him to tell Tamara to stay away while he’s in prison, and she’s less than impressed.

Rosie shows Sasha and Spencer all the cute baby outfits she has been buying, excited by the prospect of having something to dress-up and play with. Sasha gives Spencer a worried look and tells Rosie that it might be time to think about the practical side of things. Sid tells Sasha that although he is proud of her for supporting Rosie, she has her HSC to think about, and he’s worried that Rosie doesn’t really know what she’s in for. She needs a stronger support network. However, Rosie is in denial, she refuses Natalie’s counsel at school. Holly finds out about the pregnancy after eavesdropping on a conversation between Rosie and Zac at school. She tells Rosie that she can’t even look after herself, how is she going to bring up a child? Rosie is shaken by her nastiness and decides to drop out of school, wanting to do what’s best for her baby.

Tuesday 25 June

John is less than impressed when the police call Jett in to be questioned in connection with Casey’s arrest. He tells Brax that he doesn’t want his foster son caught up in Braxton business. Jett is not happy about this, finding it completely unfair. He has information that could help Casey and he’s not allowed to share it? However, John won’t budge. After witnessing the pairs’ argument, Marilyn wants to mediate, but Roo tells her that she is supposed to be less involved. Nevertheless, Marilyn talks to Jett and tells him to try and see John point of view, he’s the most important thing in John’s life, and he just wants Jett to be safe and happy. John buys Marilyn flowers to say thank you and for being such an angel to him and Jett. Marilyn is touched, but knows that she really has to take a step back. She vows to nip John’s growing dependence in the bud.

Heath and Bianca run into Tamara, asking her why she’s not at school. Realising that they haven’t been told, Tamara breaks the news of Casey’s arrest. Ricky has gone to see Adam and tells him he needs to stop. However, Adam isn’t going to give up until Brax is brought down, whether Ricky is with him or not. When Ricky tells him she’s out, Adam warns that he can’t guarantee her safety. Meanwhile, Brax rallies the brothers and tells them what has happened, when Kyle hears about the gun and the cash he knows that this must have something to do with Ricky and the jobs he’s been doing for her. Tamara is onto him, telling that Brax will find out. Brax decides to go to the pub where the robbery was and try to find out why they would want to frame Casey. Ricky’s worry is obvious. When Kyle confronts Ricky, she doesn’t deny what she’s done. She explains that she is being ordered to do things anonymously and that Brax’s life is in danger.

With the support of Sasha and Spencer, Rosie goes to tell Bianca that she has decided to drop out of school. Rosie is adamant; she wants to be a stay-at-home mum. Bianca isn’t pleased, but has no choice but to give Rosie the forms. Hearing this, Sasha is appalled that Bianca didn’t even try to stop her. Confronting her in her office, Sasha tells her that Rosie is being teased, so she is running away, and that Bianca should have talked to her about it before just letting her walk out of school. Bianca feels like she has failed Rosie as a student because she has been too wrapped up in Heath’s business. Bianca makes an effort to discuss Rosie’s options with her. She will make her a deal, stay in school, trust her, and she will do whatever it takes to make it work. Rosie agrees.

Wednesday 26 June

Ricky begs Kyle not to tell Brax what is going on – if Brax gets wind of it whoever is responsible will kill him. Kyle reluctantly agrees and goes to Heath for help, but Heath still feels betrayed by Brax. Kyle goes to Bianca, pleading with her to help mend the rift between Heath and Brax. Bianca’s tried before, and right now she has to focus on her students – but she’ll try. She asks Heath to look at the facts – it’s not all adding up to Brax being behind it. Kyle’s trying everything to make the situation better for his brothers. After listening to Bianca Heath confronts Kyle, discovering Ricky’s responsible while taking orders from an anonymous source. Heath vows that they’ll fix this. Bianca is elated to hear about a program for pregnant students, but is interrupted by Heath keeping an eye on her. He explains the situation to her, wanting her to get out of town, but Bianca won’t leave her students.

Indi struggles to meet the financial demands of the private investigator she has searching for Romeo. She hides it from Sid. Heath tells Indi that he hasn’t been paid and Indi apologises, making up an excuse. She’s falling into heavy debt chasing Romeo. Sid shows up to help, and she tries to brush him off. She’s pretty devastated to hear the investigator has been following the wrong person. Sid confronts Indi over the money issues facing the gym.

John is proud of Jett for respecting his wishes in not contacting Casey or the police. Jett’s not happy about it. Meanwhile, Marilyn feels awkward around John now that Roo has said John might be misreading the situation. Bianca asks John if Gina ever had to deal with a pregnant student. John reveals he never had much to do with the school community, but she did mention a principal that was doing a trial for a pregnant student at a school in the city. He assures her she’s doing a good job. John asks Marilyn to come have dinner with he and Jett, and Marilyn, still concerned John’s too interested in her, lies and says she has a shampoo and a blow-dry appointment. Alf tells Marilyn she should be clearer with him. Jett and John go to Angelo’s alone, where Roo inadvertently reveals that Marilyn had no hair appointment. When Roo tells her what’s happened, Marilyn is mortified. John comes over to confront her on her lie, and she says she thinks they need space. John is hurt, thinking she sees he and Jett as a burden.

Thursday 27 June

Sid is shocked to find out that Indi has used the gym’s money to hire a private investigator. He wants to help her, however, Indi wants Sid to butt out – she’ll handle it. Feeling ignored by Sid and April, Dex hangs out with Indi and makes her see that stopping the search doesn’t mean giving up on Romeo. Seeing that he’s right, Indi apologises to Sid. She asks Sid if he thinks Romeo may have died from his illness, and Sid acknowledges that it’s likely. He tells her it’s time to let go. Indi decides to go to the beach for a surf and asks Sid to come with her – this will be her first surf without Romeo. It’s a cathartic process that helps Indi let go. It seems father and daughter are now repairing their damaged relationship.

April reveals she’s put in her application for prac at Northern Districts Hospital. April tries to get Dex to help her with her study, but it becomes clear there’s a little bit of tension between the nurse and the student doctor already. Sid offers April advice about her study, and April and he begin to chat with enthusiasm. Dex is frustrated – already the two doctors are nudging him out. April gets the placement at Northern District Hospital, and Dex tries to hide his anxiety about the two of them working together.

Marilyn is still distracted by her gaffe with John the previous night. John goes to the Diner, apologising for how they spoke last night, assuming that he’s done something to upset her. Marilyn brushes him off and Alf counsels her to tell the truth to John. John wants to know why Marilyn is upset, and she reveals she’s worried that he’s confused about the pair of them – she thinks he has feelings for her. John’s offended that she could think that so soon after Gina’s death, and Marilyn is left embarrassed and full of regret.

Harvey catches up with Spencer he urges him to visit Maddy down at the beach, because she misses him. She’s delighted to see Spencer, but it’s clear he still has his damsel in distress complex, as his attention is always ready to swing to Rosie. Maddy devises a plan where she seeks counselling from Natalie to appear vulnerable, and Spencer is suddenly concerned again. Maddy plays up that she’s unhappy, and Zac witnesses him comforting her. He goes to Natalie and tells her his concern that Maddy may be pretending there’s something wrong to make Spencer interested. Natalie agrees, and the two of them seem to finally have struck a professional duo to confront this issue. Natalie speaks to Maddy about it. Off the back of their chat, Maddy admits she’s trying to manipulate Spencer’s penchant for helping those in need. Spencer accepts her apology, and they decide to be friends. It’s bittersweet for Maddy, who still has feelings for Spencer, but she’s glad to have his support.

Friday 28 June

Heath and Kyle investigate who could be coming after them, and Kyle offers to turn himself in for his part in this mess. Heath doesn’t think it will help, and he tells Brax that he believes him. Under pressure from Heath and Kyle, Ricky also admits that she’s played a part in this – but only to save his life. Someone is trying to kill Brax. Brax is outraged that Ricky’s kept this from him, but wants her to stay and help sort this out. Meanwhile, Kyle and Heath warn Tamara about what’s going on, and Tamara’s disgusted with Kyle and Ricky and their part in this – she threatens to go to the cops, but Heath and Brax convince her that they need to stick together, otherwise Brax could be killed. Brax visits Casey in his cell to explain their predicament, and Casey’s running out of time – he wants Brax to keep Tamara safe.

Dex visits Casey in gaol, letting him know about Tamara’s distress and urges him to let Tamara visit – he smuggles in a mobile phone for Casey. Casey calls Tamara and asks her to see him. She’s delighted, but on her way to see him she’s kidnapped by Adam’s men. When Ricky confronts Adam he tells her he has an ace up his sleeve. Kyle, Brax and Heath come to see Casey, who doesn’t know why Tamara hasn’t shown up. At Adam’s, Ricky once again threatens to tell Brax everything when she’s also taken prisoner.


April is already planning her work with Dex, but he’s not enthusiastic. April’s playing ‘hospital’ a little too convincingly and Dex feels patronised. He decides to talk to her about his discomfort with her placement at his workplace, but April interrupts him with excitement – Sid is going to be her doctor! She, Dex and Sid are all going to work together! Dex tells her he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to work together. April reveals she may have been thinking the same thing, but this is nothing compared to the other stuff they’ve been through. If they set up rules and boundaries, they should be able to work together without driving each other up the wall.