Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

3-7 June: John is determined to honour his promise to Jett, Connie accuses Heath of stealing, and what plans does Adam have in mind for Ricky?

Monday 3 June


Sid tries to persuade Dex to reconsider his decision to give up nursing; he’s not the only nurse in the world with epilepsy. Indi, playing cupid, suggests that Dex talk to April. However, Dex isn’t happy that Indi ‘s meddling. When Indi takes another approach by trying to talk April into going to see Dex, April tells her that those ties have been broken. In a final attempt to get the pair together, Indi asks April to go out to Angelo’s for dinner with her, just the two of them. She then sucks Dex in with the same request. April and Dex aren’t impressed when they both arrive and realise they’ve been fooled. When they get talking Dex tells April that he and sex with Steph at work, that’s why he doesn’t want to go back. April is disgusted that he is using his epilepsy as an excuse to run away from his problems.

Chris tries to cheer up Spencer after his break up with Maddy, but Spencer’s mood won’t be lifted. Indi tells Chris that she is in the process of getting April and Dex back together, if he wants some tips on how to do the same for Maddy and Spencer, she’s the one to ask. She suggests that Chris be tough on Spencer and not take no for an answer. On this advice, Chris drags Spencer from his caravan, forcing him to hang out and try to take his mind of Maddy. However, Spencer realises that Chris’s advice is useless; he has no idea what it’s like to have a broken heart because he has never cared for a girl in his life.

John has a meeting with Molly, the DOCS case worker working on his adoption case. He asks Marilyn if she could be there, now realising how much he relied on Gina for this kind of thing. Molly tells John that just because the adoption has to be revisited doesn’t mean that he can’t keep fostering Jett; however, this isn’t good enough for John who won’t settle for anything other than an official adoption. John becomes increasingly upset, he made a promise to Jett and he intends on keeping it, but it doesn’t look like it is going to be that simple. John goes to Alf for help, asking him to call Morag for her advice. She tells John that he could fight for adoption but it’s going to cost a lot of time and money and that he’s better of letting it go. Alf tells John that he doesn’t need a piece of paper to be a family.

Tuesday 4 June

Indi is upset to learn that her matchmaking mission with Dex and April failed. When Sid queries her motives for getting the two back together, Indi reveals she needs to believe that happy endings do exist. On a ‘platonic’ date with Chris she’s bemused to hear he has never had a girlfriend. She and Chris reflect that maybe they shouldn’t have interfered in their brother’s lives, and Chris suggests they concentrate on their own. It’s clear the two share a mutual attraction, and they hook up back at the caravan. Roo witnesses it, and worries that Indi’s not ready for this kind of commitment, despite Indi claiming it’s a casual thing. Roo’s not so sure Chris sees it that way, so Indi promises she’ll talk to Chris to make sure they’re on the same page. When Indi asks him if he’s clear that this is just a fling he laughs it off and she’s appeased, but deep down Chris is falling for Indi, and he knows it.

Dex is still licking his wounds after his dressing down by April the previous night. Both feeling miserable they meet up to sort things out, and the both of them express their regret for their actions, with April explaining she overreacted because she was jealous Steph and the ‘supply closet’ incident. Dex reveals he’s disappointed with himself. They decide to be friends again, and April promises to help him get his career back on track. She convinces him to send a letter to the hospital explaining his actions, because she knows that if he doesn’t tell the truth it will hang over him – now he can rest assured he’s been truthful, and accept whatever action is taken. The two share a moment where they almost kiss, but both pull back. Later, the pair respectively tell Irene and Sid that they actually love each other.  Neither Irene nor Sid are surprised – they’ve been pretty obvious about it, and the only people Dex and April fooled was themselves. Dex and April reveal their feelings and blissfully reunite. They’re soul mates who’ve found their way back to each other.

Ricky keeps her emotional distance from Brax by playing coy. Brax invites her to tell him anything, but she’s resistant to share. He reveals she’s the best thing that’s happened to him in a long time and Ricky gets upset. He’s changing the rules, because this was supposed to be a casual thing. Ricky tells Brax they should end things. He’s baffled and demands a reason why, but she drives away offering no explanation. After parking out the front of a well-kept beach house, Ricky rejects another call from Brax, and enters with trepidation. Inside is Adam, still recovering from his accident, but definitely not dead. He’s set out to get revenge from Brax through Ricky, believing that Brax left him for dead.

Wednesday 5 June

Rosie’s still feeling uncomfortable at school, especially with Mullens’ mate Lachlan always watching her. Zac’s concerned about Lachlan’s interest in Rosie. Sasha tries to encourage Rosie to continue doing self-defence classes with her but Rosie isn’t interested, revealing that the moves they learn in the class remind her that one day she might actually have to use them; an idea that brings up the memory of the assault, scaring her. Maddy and Sasha lend their support. Lachlan turns up to watch the self-defence class and is questioned by Zac. Lachlan arcs up when Zac mentions Mullens, telling Zac that he’s not his friends and he’s nothing like him.

Kyle’s finding it hard to deal with Casey and Tamara’s PDA’s, and Brax warns Kyle not to stir Casey up. Kyle’s concerned when Brax says he’s having issues with Ricky, and he wants to make sure his ‘job’ is still on track. He still believes Brax is in debt and wants to help. Ricky sets up the deal, with Adam in her ear, organising to meet Kyle at Angelo’s after closing, where she’ll give him the ‘goods’ and the information he’ll need for the hand over. When they meet, Ricky gives Kyle an envelope and tells him where to take it to do the hand over. She keeps her cards close, not divulging any other details. Kyle sets out to the meeting place and is approached by a tattoo-clad thug, who gives him a package in exchange for the envelope. Meanwhile, Ricky secretly takes photographs of the exchange from nearby. The next day Kyle takes the package to Ricky who gives him the 25K which he intends to use to get Brax out of debt. He tells Ricky to let him know if she needs anymore jobs done, if It’s that simple, he’ll be able to clear Brax’s debt in no time.

Downcast after breaking it off with Ricky, Brax leaves Angelo’s, not in the mood to work. He tells Casey about what happened and Casey urges him to call her but he’s not interested. Ricky goes to see Brax, who is pleased to see her but wants some answers. Ricky tells Brax that she got scared – she is falling for him; she used to playing it tough, she doesn’t do ‘vulnerable’ or ‘exposed’…they sleep together, but Ricky is hiding something. When Brax has to leave for work she plants the package from Kyle in the Casey and Tamara’s flat, almost busted by Casey. Her guilt is obviously hurting her.

Thursday 6 June

Zac wants to get to the bottom of Lachlan’s interest in Rosie. He asks Bianca for his personal contact details. After hearing Zac’s concerns, Bianca organises to meet with Rosie at the Walker’s house. She tells Rosie that she wants to be there for her, but she can’t take any action without just cause. However, Rosie tells them that until something is done, she’s not going back to school. Bianca tells Zac that she has a suspicion that Lachlan is out settle a score. Zac finds Lachlan at the caravan park, telling him giving the statement to police about Rosie making up the assault is the reason that Mullens got off charges. If he feels guilty and needs to get the truth off his chest, then it’s not too late to change his statement. Bianca and Zac orgainise a meeting between Lachlan and Rosie; Lachlan apologises to Rosie and tells her that he is going to go back to the police. He has evidence that will make sure Mullens is charged. Zac reports that Mullens has been arrested and charged.

As school counsellor, Natalie is unhappy that she wasn’t involved in the Rosie/Lachlan intervention and confronts Bianca about it. Meanwhile, Heath is worried that he hasn’t heard from Darcy. He’s been calling but he knows that Connie isn’t going to let him contact his daughter. When he finally gets the call, Darcy reports that Connie is accusing Heath of stealing.

Casey gives Jett a surfing lesson while John watches on from the Surf Club, glad to see Jett having some fun. He’s trying to find the right time to talk to Jett about their adoption troubles. When he finally breaks the news that the adoption is going to be much more difficult without Gina, Jett is upset, feeling that John is just putting the adoption in the ‘too hard basket’.

Friday 7 June

Heath is devastated that he’s unable to contact Connie, and baffled as to why she thinks he’s been stealing. Kyle overhears Heath talking to Bianca, and it’s clear that he knows something about Connie’s accusation. Bianca speaks to Connie who tells her that $100,000 was transferred from Angelo’s to her bank account, and Connie thinks that it’s Heath’s dirty money. Heath goes to Angelo’s, demanding to check the books.

Spencer, acting out of deep hurt, blows up at Maddy. Roo lends her support to Maddy, who is devastated that she has hurt Spencer so much. She still loves him and wants to be friends but she is scared that he’ll never forgive her. Concerned at seeing Maddy so upset, Harvey has a man to man with Spencer, telling him that this is hard, but if he still wants Maddy in his life, he needs to lighten up and get his act together. It’s clear that Spencer feels lost, but he seems to takes Harvey’s advice. Spencer apologises to Maddy, he knows this is hard on her too. It’s then that the pair realise that the break-up is only hard because they both still love each other so much, and they decide to get back together.


John can’t find Jett and is worried that he has done a runner after John told him that it’s unlikely he will be able to adopt him now that Gina has gone. Marilyn tries to keep positive as her and John set out to find him. However, when night falls and Jett is still not home their worry grows. Becoming desperate, John calls Bianca, suspecting that Jett might be hiding out at the school. His suspicions are confirmed when they find Jett asleep on the floor of the principal’s office. Rather than waking him, John lies down to sleep beside him. Jett is surprised to see him there when he wakes in the morning, but John makes it clear – wherever you go I go. He tells him that he is going to do everything he can to have Jett in his life, but he needs Jett to fight too. They have come to an agreement; they don’t need a piece of paper to prove that they love each other. John and Jett are father and son, legalities aside.