Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

9-13 March: Brax is shocked to find himself behind bars, accused of murdering Dean

Monday 9 March


Brax is let out on bail, but the evidence against him is substantial. Ash opens up to Ricky about what happened in the desert and offers to take the blame. After sleeping rough in the city, Oscar wakes up to find Maddy gone, but she soons returns with some cash after selling her violin. Chris sees the video taken at Phoebeʼs launch and jumps to the wrong conclusion. 

Tuesday 10 March

The Braxtons struggle with the fact that Brax has been arrested for a murder he did not commit, but if neither he nor Ash were the culprits, then who killed Dean? Thinking of his own familyʼs safety, John suggests to Marilyn and Jett that they should move house away from the Braxtons. Andy tries to encourage Hannah to tell her family about the severity of her condition but she is adamant that she only needs him. 

Wednesday 11 March

Ash is convinced that Sam, the disgruntled local barman, murdered Dean after realising that he could easily make it look like Brax committed the crime. With the police not considering him a suspect, Ash and Brax take it upon themselves to head into the bush and extract a confession. Jett is devastated to learn that John is considering selling the house. Hannah struggles to tell her family that she may never be able to walk again. 

Thursday 12 March

Sasha is ecstatic when she discovers that she has got into her first choice university, but it looks like Matt has not been so lucky. Chris and Spencer have been rounding up copies of the newspaper with the saucy Phoebe story in it so that nobody sees it. Zac and VJ learn some devastating news about Leahʼs condition – she may never wake from her coma. 

Friday 13 March


Maddy finally decides that it is time to return to Summer Bay. Matt is forced to admit to Sasha that he did not get any university offers, confessing that he feels like he has let Leah down. In the wake of the catastrophic news about Leah, the community gather around to help support Zac and VJ. Irene is terrified that she might lose her best friend.