Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

2-6 March: rescuers scour the wreckage of the bus for survivors, while Sophie takes responsibility for the accident and hands herself in to the police

Monday 2 March


Rescuers scour the wreckage of the bus for survivors. Hannah is found impaled by metal and in a critical condition, while Kyle is discovered under a pile of debris – it does not look good for either of them. Andy and Ash rescue Phoebe from Nieveʼs assistant, but the damage may already have been done. Roo learns that Maddy has run away from hospital. 

Tuesday 3 March

Ash tells Phoebe that he thinks her drink may have been spiked at the launch party. She then finds out about the accident and rushes to the hospital, where she breaks down upon seeing Kyleʼs condition. After witnessing the calamity she has caused, Sophie hands herself in to the police. Leah is found, but her condition is critical. 

Wednesday 4 March

Hannah keeps the extent of her injuries a secret from Oscar, not wanting him to find out that she may never walk again. With Maddy missing and time running out before her chemotherapy starts, Spencer is angry with Oscar for letting her run away. Later, however, he decides to bury the hatchet in favour of teaming up to find her. Andy blows his top with Nate on discovering the cause of the crash. 

Thursday 5 March

Roo is furious when she finds out that Spencer has sent Oscar to the city to find Maddy. After a brainstorming session and a clue from her scrapbook, however, Oscar locates her, but she is adamant that she does not want to return to Summer Bay. Leah is transferred to a specialist unit as it becomes clear that she may never regain consciousness. Zac and VJ blow off some steam, but take things a bit too far. 

Friday 6 March


Kat, a good-looking new arrival at the caravan park, catches Ashʼs eye, but Brax warns him off her when he finds out that she is a cop. John takes the law into his own hands to teach Jett a lesson after the incident in the caravan park. A video emerges from the launch night of Nieveʼs assistant taking advantage of a scantily-clad Phoebe. But who was responsible for drugging her? Phoebe is by Kyleʼs side when he wakes from his coma. Kat arrests Brax on suspicion of Deanʼs murder.