Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

20-24 May: Brax realises that Ricky is hiding something, Chris continues to cause trouble, while Dex and Steph get into hot water at work

Monday 20 May


John and Jett watch as Gina is wheeled into an ambulance in a body bag. Jett faints, the shock of the situation too much for him to handle. He is checked by Sid at the hospital, who lends his support to John. Still in shock, John mentions that Gina was under a bit of stress over the adoption but was perfectly healthy – why would this happen? Jett takes this in. Sid breaks the news to Alf, Irene, Marilyn, Bianca and Roo, who are all devastated, their hearts going out to John and Jett. Marilyn drops by Gina’s house to support John, bring them some food from the Diner. John bulls himself together to make the call to Xavier while Marilyn sits with Jett who is completely withdrawn with sadness. She leaves John and Jett to go and pick up dinner and while she’s gone, Jett reveals to John that he feels guilty for Gina’s death; he was the one who made her stressed about the adoption.

John assures him that it isn’t his fault, but when he wants to know what is going to happen with the adoption, John doesn’t have an answer. He  holds Jett and tells him to just focus on getting through the next few days. When Marilyn returns with food, John is sitting by himself in darkness. He tells her that Jett asked him about the adoption and that he doesn’t know what to tell him. He still can’t believe he’s lost Gina; he tells Marilyn about all their plans, breaking down – he doesn’t think he can carry on without Gina.

Bianca is worried about how Heath is dealing with ending the custody battle of Darcy, he assures her that he is fine. After hearing of Gina’s death Bianca takes charge of the situation by calling the teachers and managing the school side of things. Heath is worried, noticing that this is the way that she acted when Rocco died; shutting off her feelings as a way of coping. Irene goes to speak to Bianca who is still in organisation mode. Bianca assures Irene that she isn’t in denial; she just doesn’t want to let Gina down. 

Chris continues to cramp Maddy and Spencer’s style while they are trying to talk about their plans for Spencer’s birthday. Maddy  tell’s Spencer that Chris needs some time to himself to sort his life out, but looking out for his brother, Spencer tells Maddy that he needs their support. Nonetheless, Maddy wants Spencer to set some ground rules. When Alf, Roo and Harvey come to report them of Gina’s death, Maddy realises the importance of family and thanks Roo for being in her life. Maddy tells Spencer that for his birthday, maybe they could sleep together, life’s too short to wait. With one last interruption from Chris – Spencer assures Maddy that he will sort it out.

Tuesday 21 May

John is sleeping on the couch when Xavier arrives home; he quickly makes an excuse to leave the house, struggling to stay strong in front of the boys. Xavier tries to get Jett to open up, but Jett is distraught and embarrassed be crying in front of Xavier, because Gina wasn’t even his mum. Xavier assures Jett that Gina loved him like a son. She never stopped talking about him. However, Jett worries that he isn’t going to be able to stay with John now that Gina is gone. Why else would John have left the way he did?

Marilyn is fraught with seeing John and Jett so upset. She reveals to Roo and Alf that she had a bad feeling when they were leaving to go to the courthouse but she didn’t say anything. They assure her that there was nothing she could have done to stop it. Roo brings up the funeral; she decides it is up to them to organise it. They spot John by himself on the Pier, clearly suffering. Alf approaches for a man to man. He tells John that he should be at home with the boys, but John is torn; they are not his boys. Alf assures him that he is more of a father than they have ever had, and Gina not being here doesn’t change that. John is struggling. He doesn’t think that he can do this, but Alf gives him a gentle push – he needs to pull himself together, for the boys. On Alf’s advice, John talks to Jett. He tells him that he has no answers about adoption, because he honestly doesn’t know what DoCS are going to, but he is going to fight for it. This quells Jett’s worries. They are in this together.

Tamara is worried that Casey is going to burn himself out, between his studies, work at the gym and the loss of Gina; she advises him to slow down. She tries to help him with his course by asking for instructions on how to use a piece of gym equipment, which turns into a kiss. Arriving at work, Indi isn’t pleased with the display. Casey then breaks the news about Gina to Indi. When Xavier drops by to say hello, Indi can’t face him, Gina’s death bringing up to much emotion after Romeo disappearance. Casey supports them both. When they meet for lunch, Tamara suggest that Casey cut back on his hours at the Gym and Casey snaps at her – he doesn’t want to slack off as soon as the going gets hard, this is his first real job. Tamara takes it upon herself to go and talk to Indi, who essentially tells her to mind her own business.

Brax is also worried about how Casey is taking the new of Gina’s death. Ricky asks him about how he is taking it –suggesting that he should stop worrying about his brothers so much and think of himself once in a while and that maybe he would be the one lost without them, which hits a nerve with Brax. She continues to be allusive and while Brax isn’t sure the reason for it, he is falling for her. 

Wednesday 22 May

Tamara tells Brax and Heath that she is worried about all the work Casey is doing at the Gym, when he has a lot of his own things he should be focusing on, but they both are happy that he has is head down. Tamara takes this in and agrees that maybe she’s being too hard on him. However, when Casey tells her that he’s not going to the funeral, because Indi needs him to work, Tamara is furious.

John, Jett and Xavier get ready for the funeral, Xavier in his Police Officer’s uniform and Jett in Xavier’s old suit. John assures the boys that they will get through this together. The funeral begins and the whole community, including a procession of students in their Summer Bay High uniforms, gather to lend their support to Jett, John and Xavier, who are moved by the display. Xavier gives a touching eulogy, bringing up past memories and telling Jett that Gina loved him and he is so glad that he has him as a brother. Maddy plays the violin as Spencer gives all the students a rose to lay on Gina’s coffin. After all the roses have been laid and the procession has moved off, Xavier, John and Jett are left to say their last goodbyes, holding each other close – as a family.

The Wake is underway and John thanks Maddy for playing at the service and Brax for organising the Wake. Brax says that his place is their place and that from now on they eat at Angelo’s for nothing, which brightens Jett’s mood. When Tamara goes to find Casey at the Gym, she witnesses as Sid tries to encourage Indi to go up to the Wake. It is clear that the situation is tearing Indi apart after losing Romeo and Tamara finally comprehends why Casey was so adamant about staying with her at the Gym. Xavier understands why Casey and Indi didn’t come, but he asks Casey for a favour, to look out for Jett. This makes Casey admit  that he has been doing a ‘Brax’ by taking on everyone else’s problems and the couple find common ground – if Casey is going to work so hard to support people around him, he needs to let Tamara support him. 

After the wake is over Brax is having a quiet drink when he is approached by Sergeant Emerson who asks him if about his relationship with Erica Sharpe (Ricky), because they need to speak to her at the station. Leaving Brax to wonder if what she’s been hiding is more serious than he thought.

Thursday 23 May

Ricky is still being evasive with Brax, but he’s getting fed up with her secrets. He reveals that the police came asking about her last night. Angry that he didn’t tell her sooner she storms off. Later, Ricky tells Brax that when Adam died he left a lot of loose ends with his businesses, and now people are demanding their pound of flesh. She doesn’t know what the police want, and she’s completely overwhelmed. Brax can’t understand why she didn’t tell him this before and she tells him that he’s her escape. Brax promises to help her sort out her problems. In an attempt to be more open with him, Ricky invites him to stay at her place tonight. 

Sasha can’t picture Dex with Steph, and wonders if he should try again with April. Dex likes Steph and wants to make it work, but Steph is pushing boundaries, wanting to get frisky at work. Dex wants to be professional, but allows himself to be seduced by her. However, he’s worried when he notices Steph hasn’t done a patients’ OBS correctly. Dex asks Sid what would happen, hypothetically, if a nurse fudged her OBS. Sid tells Dex that he knew a nurse who was dismissed as a result of not correctly monitoring OBS. Steph is angry that he doesn’t trust her and Dex is faced with whether to come forward with the knowledge that Steph is putting patients’ lives at risk. 

Zac’s happy to find out he’s officially a teacher at Summer Bay High, but there’s the bittersweet reminder that it was Gina who helped him get his job. Natalie wants Zac to help with rent now that he has work, but Zac is trying to clear his debt so it looks like the happy couple will have to move in a new housemate. When Zac puts up ‘housemate wanted’ signs at the Caravan Park, Kyle nominates himself as a potential housemate. Zac rejects him, and it’s clear he’s not welcome because he’s a Braxton. Brax approaches Natalie to ask her to give Kyle a chance as their housemate, and Natalie’s confused that Zac didn’t talk to her about it. She thinks Zac’s jealous of her connection to the Braxton’s. Zac asserts he isn’t, and Natalie challenges him to prove it. Zac finally offers the room to Kyle, who’s stoked to have a place to live. But tension has begun to form between Zac and Natalie and it is unclear if having a member of the Braxton brood in their will add pressure to their relationship.

Friday 24 May

Dex is confused about what to do now he knows Steph is cutting corners at work. He asks Bianca what it’s like to go out with a criminal, trying to get perspective on his Steph situation. Would she dob Heath in if he did something bad? An annoyed Heath retorts that he would never put Bianca in that position. Steph promises Dex that everything she does from now on will be by the book. However, Dex checks her OBS again, however, and it’s clear they’ve been fudged. Steph tries to distract him by flirting, but Dex won’t be swayed. She threatens that if Dex goes forward she’ll tell the hospital about their sexual escapades at work. Dex can’t ignore her behaviour and reports her. Steph reveals she told the nursing supervisor about their intimate activities. 

Everyone is planning Spencer’s birthday, not knowing that Spencer’s real present will be his ‘first time’ with Maddy. The countdown is on to get Chris out of the caravan so he and Maddy can be alone. Chris wakes Spencer up on his birthday by spraying him with a water pistol – putting a literal dampener on the romantic side of his day. Still, Maddy and Spencer get into the fun of it. But it’s clear – the caravan is not big enough for both Chris and Spencer! Spencer asks Alf if he could rent the extra caravan to Chris, and Alf offers the rent as a birthday present until Chris can start paying. It seems they’ve sorted out their living arrangements so it’s time to have fun at Spencer’s birthday party – despite Roo and Harvey being concerned that Spencer’s feeling bad his parents didn’t call on his birthday. Later on, Spencer and Maddy are alone and decide to finally sleep together – but it’s awkward and it culminates in the two of them questioning whether they can go through with it.  


Bianca’s getting increasingly frustrated with Heath’s lack of interest in planning the wedding. Harvey advises Bianca that grooms just want their wives to have their perfect day. Roo tells Bianca that grooms generally just don’t care. Irene advises Heath to pull his socks up and show Bianca he cares about their wedding. Heath hightails it to apologise to Bianca and help with planning, but arrives to find she’s just received some serious news – the Department of Education has offered her the role of principal. She’s stressed about whether or not she can step into Gina’s shoes. Principal is a big career move, but she loves being a teacher and wants to do justice to the job Gina held. Heath suggests they leave town for a few days to clear her head. Surprised by his spontaneousness, Bianca agrees.