Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

16-20 February: Maddy comes out of surgery and receives some devastating news

Monday 16 February


Ricky is relieved when Brax and Ash return home, but is angry to discover that the pair have kept the proceeds of the robbery for which Brax was originally jailed. Phoebe tries to sever ties with Nieve but learns that in order to break their contract she will need to come up with a large amount of money, which she does not have. Maddy comes out of surgery to find out that doctors had to remove one of her ovaries and that a suspicious mass also needs to be tested. 

Tuesday 17 February

A distraught Maddy rushes out of hospital after discovering that she has cancer, but is later warned by Nate that she has to start chemotherapy treatment immediately. Ricky cannot control her anger at Brax for his rash behaviour and reminds him that it is this kind of foolhardiness that got Casey killed. Meanwhile, police find Deanʼs dead body out in the desert, alongside the shovel that Brax was holding during their confrontation. An overexcited Matt tells Sasha that he wants them to live together. 

Wednesday 18 February

Mattʼs plan to have Sasha move into the spare room is derailed when Leah invites Nate to move in instead. Ash meets Denny for the first time and is quite taken with her, but Brax warns him off – she was Caseyʼs girlfriend and is therefore strictly off-limits. Josh starts to get his life back on track after learning that Maddy is not pregnant with his baby, but Evelyn is disappointed to find out that getting back together with her is not on his agenda. 

Thursday 19 February

Despite her better judgment, and Dennyʼs insistence that it is a bad idea, Hannah rekindles her romance with Andy. Sparks fly between Ash and Denny after he fixes her car, but the encounter leaves Denny rattled and she returns home to dwell on her time with Casey. Even though his marks are excellent, Marilyn is disappointed that the comments on Jettʼs report card are negative and vows to talk to Zac for an explanation. With their first date locked in, a worried Josh tells Evelyn that in the light of Maddyʼs diagnosis, now is the wrong time for them to get back together. 

Friday 20 February


Phoebe is downcast after having abandoned her music career, so Kyle does his best to encourage her to keep playing. After a moment of passion at the hospital, Andy is adamant that he is a changed man and sets out to prove it to Hannah. Zac reassures Marilyn that his comments on Jettʼs report card were for the teenagerʼs benefit. Maddy initially lashes out at Oscar when he tries to make her start chemotherapy, but he soon persuades her that she is strong enough to fight the disease and she agrees to begin her treatment.