Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

Romeo finds out that he has a melanoma, Brax fires Liam, while April realises that she's lost without Dex

Monday 8 April


After the stabbing in prison, Casey wakes in hospital with Tamara by his side. Brax blames Zac for not looking out for Casey in prison. Brax tells Zac to stay away… he’ll handle it. Angry about him blowing up at Zac, Natalie approaches Brax as he comes out of the surf and tells him that Zac is Casey’s best bet of getting through this so he needs to stop being so pig headed and choose between his brothers and his pride. Meanwhile at the hospital, Zac tells Casey that if he gives a statement about who stabbed him there’s a chance that his sentence will be reduced to ‘time served’, he’d be free. Casey is not interested in giving a statement unless he knows that Jamie will be protected in prison. He can’t have a death on his conscience. Tamara and Brax urge Casey to put his own safety first and give the statement. Hurt by the feeling that Casey is choosing prison code over a life with her, she gives him the ultimatum; if he chooses not to give the statement then they are over. 

Romeo and Indi tidy up after the Gym opening. Indi is concerned about Casey’s ability to work at the Gym. She sees him as more of a liability than help. Romeo backs Casey, telling Indi that he’ll be able to cover his shifts while he recovers and that they have to stand by their employees. Meanwhile Sid and Indi are concerned that Romeo is working too hard. His shoulder is giving him trouble and Sid suggests that he has it x-rayed. While the x-ray shows no muscular damage, Sid asks Romeo if he can do a full examination. He wants Romeo to take better care of himself, knowing that Indi would struggle with running the business as well as juggling her university studies without his support. Later at home, Sid has a quiet word with Romeo, telling him that the radiographer suggests he goes back to the hospital. 

Roo is concerned with Maddy’s behaviour. She isn’t concentrating on her schoolwork and seems to be pushing her newfound independence. When Roo suggests that she do some violin practice, Maddy takes the violin and returns it to Alf, telling him he should try and get his money back. She doesn’t want to play it anymore. That was the old her and she wants to prove she’s not a child anymore. Marilyn, Harvey and Alf assure Roo that Maddy’s behaviour is just a transitional phase and she just needs time.

Tuesday 9 April

After running away, Kyle is picked up by Bianca and Heath. Brax is heated when he discovers that Kyle was skipping town, leaving him to deal with the police when they realise he’s breached his bail. He tells Kyle that he isn’t to go anywhere without telling him. Does he want to be apart of the family or not? Later, Tamara probes Kyle about running away. Casey didn’t get to run away, so why should he? While stressing to Kyle the importance of standing by those who care for you, Tamara is forced to realise that by walking out on Casey in the hospital she has done the exact same thing.  

Heath visits Casey and tells him that he is being an idiot sacrificing his life for Jamie, the guy who tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Zac is doing what he can to guarantee that Jamie will be transferred if Casey was to do so. He visits Casey in an attempt to make him come around. Zac reveals to Casey that he has done time and knows what it’s like. He’s seen cases like Casey’s from the inside and outside. He tells Casey to make the right decision and not waste all the time that he did. Unbeknown to Zac, Brax overhears this from the hospital corridor. Casey gives the statement. He and Tamara are overjoyed- this is Casey’s ticket to freedom. 

Heath asks Romeo for a job at the Gym but Romeo tells him that he couldn’t employ someone with his drug history. Heath loses it. He feels like no one is giving him a chance. He’s frustrated that he isn’t able to prove that he’d be a great father to Darcy, and now this. Bianca reassures him, telling him that he is strong, loyal and would do anything for his family, and that’s why she’s marrying him. 

Sid examines a mole on Romeo’s shoulder that the radiographer suggested he checked out. He decides to remove it, just to be safe. Sid tells Romeo that they will need to do tests to find out if it is benign. Romeo asks Sid to keep it quiet from Indi until the results are back. He knows that she has enough on her plate without having to worry about him. At the Gym Romeo lies to Indi, telling her that Sid said his pain was just a muscle strain. Sid comes to tell Romeo that the results have come back, it a melanoma. Romeo insists that they don’t tell Indi until they find out how serious it is.

Wednesday 10 April

It is the night before Uni and Dex is nervous about going back after his accident. Sid and Indi give him their full support. On the other hand April can’t wait. However, her excitement is quelled after she is completely overwhelmed on her first day. She is further deflated to see Dex at Uni acting cool, calm and collected and catching up with Uni friends. She feels alone. Later, Irene and Bianca console her. Irene wonders if this is about a rough first day or is she missing Dex. April breaks down, this whole time she thought Dex needed her, now she realises she’s lost without him. 

Romeo is quiet and looks exhausted. Indi and Sid suggest that he reconsiders employing Heath at the Gym. Realising that he now may need some time off, Romeo approaches Heath and asks if his offer to help at the Gym is still available. Still hurt by is initial rejection, Heath says no. On hearing this Bianca is angry – she thought Heath wanted to show everyone that he can change? 

Sid tells Romeo he needs to go to the city for tests. He has a friend who is a specialist and can see him right away. Romeo tells him he won’t go, he can’t just drop everything and leave. They have only just got the Gym running and he doesn’t want to jeopardise it. Sid insists that a few days could make the world of difference but Romeo still says no. 

Heath approaches Romeo who is having some time alone on the beach. He asks if the job offer is still available – Bianca has told him he needs to do what’s best not what’s right at the time. Taking this advice, Romeo decides that he will go to the specialist and tells Heath he’ll need to start work right away. Romeo lies to Indi, saying that he is going to the city for a conference. Sid is wary but goes along with it. 

At Angelo’s Kyle is still suspicious of Liam. Acting on his Braxton family loyalty, he demands Liam tell Brax that he’s being stealing from the till or he will. Liam wonders why he cares so much – is he the newest member of the Daryl Braxton fan club? Kyle tells Liam that Brax is a brother; he’s just a mate. Without giving away too much Kyle later tells Brax he can’t work with Liam anymore. It’s up to Brax to find out why. When confronted Liam admits to Brax that he’s been taking cash from the til, giving no excuses for his thieving. Brax fires him.

Thursday 11 April

Dex is on a high after his first day back at Uni. He doesn’t know what he was so worried about. While Sasha is happy for him, she’s worried about April who has been lying to Dex, claiming that she also had a great first day and has made lots of friends, when the fact is she felt completely overwhelmed and alone. Sasha tells April that their ‘break’ is stupid; they’re lost without each other – why don’t they just get back together? The wind is quickly knocked out of Dex’s sails when he has an embarrassing mind-blank in a class. However, he and April continue to fool each other. Until finally they realise that they are only fooling themselves and confess that they are both miserable. 

After learning of Bianca and Heath’s engagement as well as being fired from Angelo’s, Liam feels lost. Irene spies him brooding on the pier. Concerned at seeing him so low she presses to find out what’s going on. Whilst Irene insists that everyone has bad patches, Liam can’t help but feel that he’s constantly in one. Later, Liam posts a wad of cash to his daughter – this is what he’s been doing with the loot. 

Tilda continues to bully Jett. Adamant to bring Jett’s torment to an end, Gina calls Tilda’s mother to the school to discuss her behaviour, only to find that she is just as nasty as her daughter. She insults Gina, maintaining that Jett must be making it up as Tilda was raised in a ‘good’ family. Spencer’s suggestion that Jett confront Tilda himself is just as futile. Gina and Jett are at a loss as to how to bring Tilda’s bullying to an end.

Friday 12 April

Maddy gives Jett some good advice about how to deal with bullying after Tilda warns Jett that he has to complete her ‘Romeo and Juliet’ essay. Maddy advises that he needs to get a new perspective and get the upper hand. It’s food for thought for Jett. However, he continues to write her essay, hiding his situation from Gina. Jett hands in Tilda’s essay to Gina, who reads it to the class. Jett’s set up Tilda, writing a humiliating admission of bullying from Tilda, adding that she has a crush on Jett. He finally has gained the upper hand on his tormentor, as Tilda is caught in a trap. Gina has to suspend Tilda. Tilda finds she is powerless when she tries to intimidate Jett. 

Casey tells Tamara that he wants to complete his schooling. Tamara is happy with this unexpected change, and is looking forward to Casey’s gaol-free future, as she’s unaware that there’s a possibility he’ll have to return to prison. Off the back of Casey’s new found enthusiasm for completing school, Tamara enrols in Summer Bay High. Her excitement wains as she feels uncomfortable in her new school uniform so she shows up in her normal clothes. Gina insists Tamara wear the uniform, so Tamara changes into the boys’ uniform. She finds an unlikely ally in Sasha, who happens to agree about the oppressive rules on the uniform. Tamara decides to drop out if she can’t choose what she can wear. Gina visits Casey and Tamara to convince her to return to school. Casey wonders whether Tamara is making excuses to ditch school, and she admits she feels worried about starting school again when she’s older than the other students and she wants to enjoy time with Casey now he’s out of prison. Casey tries to control his anxiety as Zac arrives with bad news. It looks like Casey will be returning to gaol. 


The friction escalates at Summer Bay House as Maddy and Roo bump heads. Maddy complains to an increasingly frustrated Spencer, who tells Maddy how much her attitude is affecting Roo. Marilyn convinces Roo and Maddy to enter into mediation, but it quickly gets out of hand and Marilyn gives up. Maddy and Roo feel bad about the failed mediation, and realise that the reason they fight so much is because they feel comfortable with each other. Roo and Harvey are pleased they’ve found an answer for the fighting, but allow Spencer and Maddy to distract them from their relationship. Alf notices and tells them to spend more time fostering their own relationship, and not let the teens get in the way.