Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

Courtney stabs Casey for defending Jamie, Celia leaves Summer Bay, while Sasha ends her relationship with Rosie after a reckless act puts them both in danger

Monday 1 April


Bianca is outraged that Heath would propose to her with no planning or thought. April comes to stay off the back of her break up with Dex. Irene’s frustrated by Bianca’s stance on Heath’s proposal – just when the couple were in a good place there’s more drama! Heath doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong. Irene questions Heath about his proposal, finding out that he didn’t even have an engagement ring! He was woefully unprepared. Heath reveals he was prompted to propose because of Celia. Irene confronts Celia – it’s her fault that they’re fighting because she got involved when she shouldn’t have. Celia apologises for persuading Heath to propose. Heath rejects her help saying it’s not her fault, but Celia feels responsible for their fight. Heath is angry that Bianca has reacted so badly, and wonders whether he should want to marry her at all. 

April is moving out after her and Dex’s breakup. When April picks up her stuff it’s clear they still care for each other. The break up is going to be just as hard for the Walker clan as it is for Dex and April. Sid isn’t sure that going on a break is the best course of action for the couple. Both Dex and April find it awkward navigating the post-break up friendship territory. Dex wonders whether breaking up was the right thing. 

Roo and Harvey want Maddy and Spencer to go back to school, and decide they should adjust the sleeping arrangements. Maddy and Spencer are cool to sleep separately – they’re grateful to finally have a place to call home and finally feel content. Roo is emotional about Maddy starting school. Harvey explains Roo’s enthusiasm to Spencer, and the two bond over their mutual affection for Roo. Spencer reveals he feels more at home here than he ever did at his parents. Harvey asks Roo if she’s OK, and she tells him she never had a chance to be a mother to Martha. Once she hears how happy Spencer is in Summer Bay she’s touched. 

Tuesday 2 April

Irene counsels Bianca to take Heath’s proposal into consideration. April tells Heath Bianca loves him, but he’s still angry about her rejection of him. Bianca apologises for her reaction, but tells him she doesn’t trust herself. She’s had a disastrous run with marriages. She doesn’t want to rush into another engagement. Heath is hurt, regardless. In an attempt to help Heath, Celia gives him the engagement ring that Les gave to her. He was a soldier who died – Heath reminds her of her fiancée and she wants him to give it to Bianca. Heath shows the ring to April, and asks her for advice. April gives Heath her permission to ask Bianca to marry him. She becomes emotional, and Heath promises that when the time is right he’s got it sorted. April reminds Bianca of the bond she shares with Heath – the times they shared with Rocco. Bianca decides to propose to Heath on the beach, and is shocked when Heath reveals Celia’s ring to Bianca. She says yes, and the couple are happily reunited. 

Celia, finally seeing life’s possibilities, decides to leave the Bay. With Celia gone, Roo asks Maddy to move into Summer Bay House. 

Rosie is possessive of Sasha when she tries to befriend Maddy and Spencer. Rosie feels left out when they joke around and acts awkwardly, embarrassing Sasha. She asks Rosie to give Maddy and Spencer a chance, but Rosie is resistant. Sasha tells her that she’s feeling smothered and Rosie is upset. Maddy reaches out to Rosie, but Rosie lies and tells her Sasha hates looking after them. Maddy asks Sasha about her conversation with Rosie and Sasha assures her that she likes hanging out with them. She gets a text from Rosie. She wants to meet at the beach urgently. Down at the beach a distraught Rosie runs into the water, even though she can’t swim, because she believes Sasha doesn’t like her any more. Sasha is forced to go in after her to try and save her, but the two girls quickly fall into trouble when they’re caught in the rough surf.

Wednesday 3 April

Rosie and Sasha are in trouble out in the surf after Rosie recklessly ran into the water. Walking on the beach with Tamara, Casey sees Sasha in trouble and swims out to save her. He helps Rosie to shore and runs back out to Sasha. John arrives to help carry Sasha to saftey. When asked what happened Sasha covers for Rosie, but is completely mortified. When she confronts Rosie over her behaviour, Sasha’s shocked to find Rosie is completely off track – she wants them to move in together! Sasha ends their friendship, unable to take Rosie’s smothering, jealous behaviour any more. Sasha confides in Natalie, feeling Rosie needs help. Natalie talks to Rosie and sees how delusional she is. After finding out about her family life, Natalie convinces Rosie to apologise to Sasha. Sasha accepts her apology, but is unsure about resuming their friendship. 

Things are still tense between Kyle and Tamara, despite working together. Casey thinks they should bury the hatchet, but Tamara is adamant she can’t forgive Kyle for abducting her and Casey in the desert. At work, Tamara expresses her discomfort with Kyle watching her, to his bemusement. Tamara’s looking for somewhere to stay and Kyle can relate. Neither of them have anywhere to go. He offers her his room – he’ll sleep on the couch. He’s trying to make amends for his behaviour in the desert. Tamara eventually accepts and she and Brax both acknowledge they are worried about Casey. 

Brax wants Casey to form a survival plan in prison – he’s worried about how flippant Casey’s been about Courtney and his mates. Casey brushes Brax off, and asks Zac to back off in prison – he’s also uncomfortable now that Zac and Natalie are dating as he feels that Zac used Casey to get close to her. Natalie accosts Brax, letting him know that Casey has rejected Zac’s help. Brax swallows his pride and asks Casey to go to Zac if he needs help. Zac confronts Natalie about her feelings for Brax – she needs to let Brax go. 

Thursday 4 April

Down at the Surf Club, Natalie tells Liam about her decision to avoid Brax, but on cue Brax appears from the surf. She isn’t able to tell Brax she feels they should not see each other. Natalie hears about the advice that Brax gave Casey about taking away Courtney’s power and she confronts him, but Brax ignores her advice. After they fight Brax reveals he’s always wanted to be with Natalie – he thinks they should be together. Natalie is left to ponder that. Brax struggles when Zac fills Brax in about the Casey situation. He needs to trust Zac, yet he wants Natalie. Later, Natalie admits to Brax she loves him, but they’re not a good fit together. Brax tries to hide his disappointment. 

In prison, Casey attempts to reach out to Jamie, asking if Courtney’s getting him to run drugs. Courtney confronts Casey in front of his mates, and Casey practically invites him to punch on. Zac intervenes before things can escalate. Zac’s confused as to why Casey’s putting himself in danger for Jamie. After all, their families have a dodgy history. When Casey keeps trying to reach him, Jamie blows up. He’s in prison full time – Casey’s only in a couple of days a week. How can he understand what it’s like? Casey promises to be his mate. Courtney gets Jamie on his own and has his mates beat him up. Casey intervenes and gets stabbed with a shiv by Courtney. 

Indi is stressed about the upcoming gym opening, and Casey’s absence is another reminder of how tenuous things are. Indi and Romeo are confident about the gym opening until the power goes out. John decides to play handy man to fix the power outage, but unfortunately John mucks up and the fuse box starts sparking.  

Gina gives Tilda two weeks detention for her bullying. When Gina threatens to call her parents, Tilda tells her that she bullied Jett because she has a crush on him. She apologises to a bewildered Jett in front of Gina, who believes the bullying is over. But in Natalie’s class, Tilda scribbles all over her own book and blames Jett, who’s sent to Gina’s office. 

Friday 5 April

Jamie gets help for Casey after he is stabbed. Casey refuses to give up the names of those who hurt him. Jamie’s angry at Casey – next time he tries something Casey won’t be there – it’ll just be him and Courtney, and it will be so much worse. Casey has just enflamed the situation. But a determined Casey finally breaks through to Jamie – Adam’s dead, Jamie can choose his own path. Brax is furious to hear Casey put his neck on the line for Jamie. Casey doesn’t want to be transferred to hospital – he wants to stay and look after Jamie. Brax warns Jamie to leave Casey out of his problems from now on. 

The power is still off at the gym and the Surf Club and Angelo’s. Nevertheless, the gym opening will go ahead. Dex uses Christmas lights to light the gym – it’s looking very DIY. At the very last minute the power comes back on. Romeo makes an emotional speech about the support he and Indi have received from the Walkers – from Sid especially. The future looks bright for Indi and Romeo. 

Kyle is preparing to visit his defence lawyer in preparation for his court case. Brax leaves to visit Casey in hospital, and Tamara is beside herself with worry over her boyfriend’s injuries. Off the back of the power outage Liam is furious – he now has extra work to deal with. Kyle tries to calm the situation and make Tamara feel better about Casey’s stabbing, but he just gets his head bitten off. When Liam admits he’s still lifting from the till he tries to justify it, but Kyle’s furious and feels betrayed. He throws Liam against a wall just as his defence lawyer appears. Tamara asks what Kyle’s problem is with Liam, and he reveals Liam’s been stealing. Tamara questions Kyle’s loyalty to the Braxton’s for not telling Brax earlier. She suspects that Kyle gave her his bedroom so that she wouldn’t testify against him. Kyle’s angry – he feels he’s given up everything for a chance to be part of this family. Tamara coldly tells him he never will be. Her words resonate and Kyle decides to leave town. 


Tilda continues to set up Jett. Gina calls them both into her office. Gina tells them they have to stay 10 metres away from each other at all times, and the one who breaks the rule is the bully. Later, Tilda taunts Jett saying that Gina believes her story over his. She puts make up on her eye to make it look bruised and tells Gina that Jett hit her. In the office, Tilda fake cries and her make up runs down her face. Gina promises Jett she never doubted him. Jett tells Gina that her weakness is that she believes that people are inherently good – that’s what she thought when she first met him.