Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

28 April-2 May: Brax discovers a secret about Casey, while Zac and Bianca kiss

Monday 28 April


Zac tries to pretend that he is fine with Hannah and Andy’s relationship, but it proves difficult. Nate tells Rickyabout Jess’s illness. One thing leads to another for Zac and Bianca. Chris and Denny’s feelings for each other grow, despite their dating plans being repeatedly thwarted.

Tuesday 29 April

After catching her in bed with Zac, Ricky questions Bianca about her intentions. Bianca says that she wants to make a clean break and leave Heath and Summer Bay behind. Josh and Andy return from the city with their father’s ashes and belongings, but have conflicting ideas about what to do with them. Among Johnny’s effects is a photograph of a baby who his sons do not recognise. Brax, however, thinks he does and swipes the photo.

Wednesday 30 April

Brax matches the baby in the picture to a photo found in his family album and immediately questions Cheryl. She reveals that Johnny Barrett is Casey’s father, but swears Brax to secrecy. Fate keeps Chris and Denny’s date plans unfulfilled. Heath reaches out to Irene when he learnsof Bianca’s departure.

Thursday 1 May

Brax advises Casey to stay away from Josh and Andy, which only makes Casey suspicious. Having moved in with John, Marilyn puts her stamp on the place. Sasha tries to get Matt to consider returning to school, without success. Colleen makes contact with Alf and Roo from Las Vegas.

Friday 2 May

Sasha comes to understand the reality of Matt’s situation, but when she gives him a friendly hug to say goodbye, Spencer witnesses it and draws the wrong conclusions. Kyle blows his top when he is left to run the restaurant and the gym single-handedly. Marilyn’s influence at home drives John mad. Alf persuades Roo to visit Colleen in Las Vegas.