He’s not your average chat show host, he’s Verry Terry Tibbs

We try to chat with the Facejacker star about his new programme, and he shares his fascinating thoughts on, well, just about anything he likes...

Facejacker star Terry Tibbs (aka Bafta-winning funnyman Kayvan Novak) has hit the big time with his own chat show, as part of Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight season. Here at RadioTimes.com, we decided it was high time we got to know the car-salesman-turned-TV-star a bit better. Well, we asked for it.


If you’re easily offended or about to tuck into your lunch, stop reading now. You have been warned…

Who controls the remote in the Tibbs household?
No one ‘cos I can never bloody find the thing.

Which programme would you have banned?
Local news is pretty bad, let’s be honest.

What do watch with your son Lionel Tibbs?
Lionel doesn’t like the telly. He says it’s all internet now. He’s always trying to show me things on that YouTube. I saw a cat fall off a piano last week. It was shit. Give me Deal Or No Deal over that any day of the month.

Who was your first TV crush?
I did like that Yazz. The only way was up that night!

Who’s your favourite chat show host?
That Newsnight is good with Jeremy Paxo. He’s sharp. He’s ugly, but he’s sharp. Sharp as a harp.

You seemed a little nervous before your TV debut on Price-Drop TV…
Oh yeah, I was. Bricking it. Could have buried my TV career there and then. Luckily I remembered something my dear old dad, Perry Tibbs, once said: “Terry, being scared before is better than being scared after. And if you are scared after it’s ‘cos you weren’t scared enough before.” Dads can talk a load of shit sometimes.

How often do you Google yourself?
That is none of your business. I thought this was a family publication anyway?

How often do you tweet?
Don’t tweet. If I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna say it to your face.

Have you got another programme idea you would like commissioned?
We want to take the best thing about scratchcards and the best thing about bingo and put it into a gameshow. It’s gonna be called Terry’s Scratchy Balls and my catchphrase would be “my balls are getting itchy!” Whadaya reckon?

If you could sell a car to any celebrity, who would it be?
Not sure about selling her a car but I’d definitely take that Katie Price for a test drive. Twin airbags apparently.

Which Hollywood actor would you choose to play you in the film of your life?
Mickey Rourke. End of. And if he wasnt available, Ross Kemp. Beautiful.

Verry Terry, Thursday 16th August, 10.55pm is part of C4’s Funny Fortnight.


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