Guess the dating symbol

Can you spot the real meaning from the fakes? This is THE dating quiz of... well, of all time really. See how many you get right out of ten in celebration of Channel 4's Mating Season

It’s as simple as this: we give you three options, one of which is the correct description of the given symbol, and two of which we’ve totally made up. You try to guess the right one before clicking the button to reveal the answer.


Go at it with vigour…

1. Straight relationship

2. Hula hoop enthusiasts 

3. Hooked on you 

1. Movember

2. Gay relationship

3. Poirot seeks similar 

1. First date nerves

2. Cuddling

3. Crap date

1. S&M

2. M&S

3. M&M

1. Penis extension

2. Dogging

3. Must have own car

1. Explosive relationship

2. Would like to break up

3. You blow me away

1. Puppy love

2. Bare-faced liar

3. Furring

1. Wrong way up

2. Impotence

3. No U-turns 

1. Happy hour

2. Shaken not stirred

3. First dates

1. Sex tapes

2. Stay for breakfast

3. Robot wanders into the wrong type of pawn shop


Mating Season continues with Dates on Tuesday at 10:00pm on Channel 4