Grumpy Cat hung out with Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast

"I'm in love!" said the popular weather forecaster, who couldn't understand why the lovely feline has been dubbed grumpy


Carol Kirkwood hung out with Grumpy Cat during her BBC weather report this morning and absolutely loved it.


The BBC Breakfast weather queen has a soft spot for cats, having been joined by various felines in the past while out and about during her broadcasts.


But this cat seemed to be the icing on the cake. Kirkwood hugged the perfectly placid puss while explaining that Grumpy Cat is to be the first cat in history to get its own waxwork at Madame Tussauds – she’d made a trip to the UK especially.

Kirkwood couldn’t quite understand why Grumpy Cat is called Grumpy (obviously she gets it, but just couldn’t get past how comfy and happy her new fluffy pal seemed to be). “She’s absolutely perfect!”

“I’m in love! She’s so cute!”

Grumpy Cat, well, just looked Grumpy.


Kirkwood has previously fared less well with dogs.