Gigantic whale picks perfect moment to upstage Big Blue Live presenter

Whale whale whale, what do we have here?

You know what they say – blue whales are like buses. You wait all day for one to come along, and then…well, still only one comes, but at a moment with perfect comic timing.


Zoologist Mark Cawardine and his crew had spent an entire day searching for the huge mammals for nature series Big Blue Live to no success. However, while he was addressing the camera to discuss the mission’s failure in a clip from the new series, Cawardine was upstaged the moment he said “you know they’re here, you just jolly well can’t find them” – by a blue whale’s blowhole.

Yes, a whale had been there the whole time, presumably waiting for the perfect moment to make his grand entrance to the delight of the crew and Cawardine, who commented: “Actually that was a lot easier than I was expecting…”

Whales, eh? Famous scene-stealers. We hear De Niro won’t even work with them any more. Though personally, we’re a little surprised Cawardine didn’t immediately start discussing how they hadn’t found huge piles of cash, Lamborghinis and gold bars in their search either, and they definitely wouldn’t be bobbing up to the surface. Worth a try, right? 

Big Blue Live will begin this Sunday 23rd August at 7.00pm


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