What is movie Road to Christmas about and who’s in the cast?

Everything you need to know about this star-studded festive flick

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‘Tis the season for Channel 5 Christmas films! If you already have your decorations up and need a feel-good festive film to complete the mood, then look no further than this surprisingly starry Christmas movie…


What is Road to Christmas about?

Road to Christmas follows successful fashion photographer Claire, who is unable to fly to her planned wedding in Aspen due to a snowstorm. Unable to get another flight or rent a car, she accepts a lift from widowed teacher Tom and his teenage daughter Hilly on a journey that will take her much further than Aspen.

Expect plenty of snow, comedy and romance in this sentimental Christmas tale.

When is Road to Christmas on TV?

Road to Christmas airs at 3pm on Channel 5 on Monday 25th November.

Who is in the cast of Road to Christmas?

Clark Gregg in Captain Marvel (Marvel Studios)
Clark Gregg in Captain Marvel (Marvel Studios)

Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey lends some star power as stranded bride-to-be Claire, with real-life husband and MCU veteran Clark Gregg appearing as widowed schoolteacher Tom. Tom’s 13-year-old daughter is played by Megan Park despite being, er, 20 years old at the time.

Is there a trailer for Road to Christmas?