Domhnall Gleeson: “I’m not looking forward to Star Wars being over – but it’s time”

The Little Stranger star talks typecasting fears and why he’s excited for Episode IX – but he won’t even tell us what WON’T happen in the next Star Wars story…

Domhnall Gleeson, Getty, SL

Since he was first cast in Star Wars Episode VII, Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson has had a problem. Everywhere he goes, whatever he’s doing, people want to grill him for Star Wars spoilers – and it got to a point where he was worried he might start mumbling plot points in his sleep.


“For sure – who wouldn’t be [worried]?” Gleeson told in a new video interview, where he reflects on the long presence of Star Wars secrets in his life.

“You don’t want to get a call from Disney when you don’t even know what you’ve said! So that wouldn’t be pretty, no.”

However, as he approaches the end of his Star Wars journey, with final chapter Episode IX currently in production, he says he feels like he’s turned a corner – because a few years in, he trusts himself enough to know he can keep things schtum.

“I think at this point that everybody understands that nothing’s going to happen,” he said.

“I’d have to be really, really tired to let something slip.”

Accordingly, as you can see in the interview when we tried to ask him about what wouldn’t happen in the film (just so we could start a process of elimination with every single concept in the universe) Gleeson shut us down – though he suggested that the finished movie would be well worth all the cloak-and-dagger in the end.

“I’m not looking forward to [Star Wars] being over, no,” he said.

“But I think it’s time as well – they’re ready to finish the story. So I’m excited about that.”

In the meantime, Gleeson’s reuniting with Frank director Lenny Abrahamson for period thriller The Little Stranger, which sees him star as a country doctor who’s called to a house where mysterious forces are at work.

The role sees Irish star Gleeson return to an upper class-ish English accent – perhaps the voice he uses most often in movies including Peter Rabbit, About Time and the Star Wars films – and he says he has been concerned about being typecast as uptight British characters in recent years.

“Star Wars and Peter Rabbit are two big movies – you’re painting in bright colours in those films to a certain extent,” he said.

“Something like this, the accent was different – Lenny wanted it to have elements of Warwickshire in it and be more working class. The period played a part.

“I wouldn’t be looking to get typecast at all, so for sure it would play on my mind. But it felt like on this one it was different enough, and the character was different enough that it didn’t concern me.”

Speaking of the film in general, he added: “It’s a grown-up with ghost elements, about the class system and love in England post-war.

“And it’s got Charlotte Rampling. It’s got Ruth Wilson. Will Poulter. Liv Hill, who’s an amazing up-and-coming actress. And it’s directed by one of the best directors in the world. I’d be going to see it, so I hope other people do too.”

For more spoiler-free discussion of The Little Stranger’s story, including its shock ending, you can watch the latter part of our interview with Domnhall Gleeson above.


The Little Stranger is in UK cinemas now