There’s still no trailer for Captain Marvel – and fans are getting seriously restless

A group of fans wearing Pussy Riot-inspired balaclavas have released a music video demanding its release...

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Marvel fans are so up in arms about the distinct lack of a trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel film, that they’ve gone and made a Pussy Riot-inspired music video demanding its release.


The film, which is set to introduce us to Brie Larson’s titular superhero ahead of her anticipated appearance in Avengers 4, is due to be released in March, but despite a history of giving a long lead to their films in the past, we haven’t even had a teaser, let alone any official set pics.

Comparatively, the trailer for Black Panther was released in June 2017, before a February 2018 release.

And now, fan frustration is boiling over, as evidenced by the release of a music video entitled WE WANT THE CAPTAIN MARVEL TRAILER (their caps, not mine), in which a bunch of male Marvel devotees donning multi-coloured balaclavas (ripped from Russian political punk group Pussy Riot), demand that Disney release the trailer.

“We’re tired of just seeing men in movies,” group leader Kirk Deveyck screams, before troublingly explaining that Captain Marvel is for them, because Brie Larson is attractive, and female Marvel fans have had plenty of abs to look at in previous films.


Captain Marvel is due to be released on 9 March 2018