When is The Darkest Minds released in cinemas? Who’s in the cast? Everything you need to know about the new teen sci-fi

Find out all the details of the latest project featuring Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg

Amanda Stenberg (Getty, JF)

Directed by Kung Fu Panda’s Jennifer Yuh Nelson and produced by Stranger Things’ Dan Cohen, The Darkest Minds, an adaption of Alexandra Bracken’s YA novel, is so much more than a Hunger Games/X-Men hybrid.


Check out all the info you need about the upcoming superpower-fuelled teen movie below.

When is The Darkest Minds released in UK cinemas?

The Darkest Minds will be out in UK cinemas on Friday 10th August 2018.

Is there a trailer?

The first official trailer focuses on a group of kids with supernatural powers – and their fight for freedom against a government that fears their abilities. Ruby, the main character, looks set to lead an uprising against the kid’s oppressors.

We’ve since been treated to a second trailer, which shows the relationship between Ruby and Liam and their fight for freedom. The trailer ends with Ruby asking Liam, “What happens next?”

What’s the story?

Ruby is a 16-year-old girl living in a dystopian future where 98 per cent of kids have been killed by a plague. The survivors have developed supernatural abilities and, due to their potential risk, the government has given each child a colour based upon their ability and detained them. The greens are super intelligent, the blues have telekinesis, the yellows can control electricity, the oranges have power of the mind and the reds control fire.

Ruby (an orange), one of the most powerful young people anyone has ever encountered, manages to escape her detention centre and joins a group of runaway kids looking for East River – the only safe haven left for kids.

Eventually they realise that running isn’t enough. To truly enjoy a peaceful life they must lead a resistance and overthrow the government that took their future from them.

Who’s in the cast?

The Darkest Minds stars Amandla Stenberg (Ruby) who also appeared in Hunger Games.


Game of Thrones and Star Wars actor Gwendoline Christie also features, with other cast members including Mandy Moore (Cate), Harris Dickinson (Liam), Miya Cech (Zu), Patrick Gibson (Clancy Gray), Golden Brooks, Skylan Brooks (Chubs) and Wallace Langham (Dr. Viceroy).