Michael Caine rounds up the gang in first trailer for Hatton Garden movie King of Thieves

The film tells the true story of the party of pensioners who pulled off a multi-million-pound robbery

Studio Canal, Youtube screengrab from trailer, https://youtu.be/eZraK_pHnpc?t=55s, TL

The Hatton Garden robbery: the real-life 2015 heist where what was believed to be up to £200 million was stolen by a group of retired crooks.


In the first trailer for upcoming film King of Thieves, Michael Caine is their leader. As the new footage shows, The Italian Job star plays Brian Reader, the man who co-ordinated a team of criminals in their late 60s and 70s — with all kinds of physical maladies — to carry out the multi-million-pound robbery.

The group of unoccupied and bored pensioners consulted a series of how-to books to plan their final job on April 2015, one which police initially believed to be undertaken by a gang of super-thieves.

The film isn’t released for a few months yet, but we’ve already got some vital heist advice for Caine’s co-stars Tom Courtenay, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent, Charlie Cox, Paul Whitehouse and Michael Gambon: you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!


King of Thieves is in cinemas September 14th