Benedict Cumberbatch is a great big meanie in the new trailer for The Grinch

The Doctor Strange and Sherlock star voices the Dr Seuss creation in a new animated movie

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Benedict Cumberbatch is extraordinarily grouchy, unforgivingly heartless and downright mean.. in the new trailer for The Grinch.


The first sneak peek at the animated film shows the Sherlock star voicing the grumpy green Dr Seuss creature as he wreaks havoc across the snowy town of Whoville. He smashes an old lady’s jam jar, steals from a man’s supermarket basket and vomits into a jar of pickles.

But it’s all fun because he has the cutest and cheeriest dog Max who uses a variety of clever contraptions to get his owner out of bed in the morning. Think of him as the Gromit to The Grinch’s (very bad-tempered) Wallace.

So, what’s the story of The Grinch? For those not familiar with the book or 2000’s live-action movie starring Jim Carrey, the film will follow The Grinch’s scheme to steal Christmas by posing as Santa. However, as the official synopsis says, his plan goes awry as his “heart [is] changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit”.


The Grinch will be released on 9th November 2018