This “honest” trailer will make you see the 2018 Oscar nominees very differently

The Best Picture nominees get a skewering in this hilarious new take on the Academy Awards

Call Me By Your Name

This weekend sees the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony get underway, and the one question on everyone’s minds – apart from, “will they screw up the Best Picture winner again?” – is who will end up taking home the coveted golden trophies.


Sadly, this new Honest Trailer for the Best Picture nominees can’t predict who will triumph – probably Three Billboards, no? – but it will give you a quick rundown of what’s in contention, from acclaimed horror Get Out (aka “Let The White Ones In”) to Darkest Hour (known here as “Grumpy Oldman”).

It’s hard to pick favourites from this gag-filled round-up, though the take on Call Me By Your Name taking place “in the great shirt shortage of 1983” is a definite highlight, as is the round-up of ignored comic-book movies that rabid fans had been holding out hope could interest the Academy.

And now, we feel clued up enough to skip the ceremony entirely and just complain online the next day about who missed out. Spoiler alert: we’ll be talking a lot about how Logan was totally ROBBED in the Best Adapted Screenplay category.


The Oscars will air on Sky Cinema on Sunday 4th/Monday 5th March