The first trailer for Neil Gaiman’s How To Talk To Girls at Parties sees Nicole Kidman in a punk paradise

Also: aliens


Just how do you talk to girls at parties? Don’t ask us, we’re the sort of people whose Friday highlight is news of a special Doctor Who screening. Instead, look to the trailer for Neil Gaiman’s brilliantly bonkers How To Talk To Girls at Parties.


In the sneak peek, we see lead Enn (Alexander Sharp) – a punk teen living in London, 1977 – told to speak to the opposite sex in “short, admiring sentences”. And it seems to work: during a Silver Jubilee party, he seduces enigmatic American Zan (Elle Fanning).

Except she’s not American. She’s an alien. An alien that Enn introduces to a new world of punk and partying (Croydon, to be exact). This adventure takes the two through encounters with Nicole Kidman’s rocker matriarch, explosive music and, ahem, “incomplete sexual activity”.

Yet the pair aren’t given much time to enjoy their blossoming relationship: Zan’s family are trying to leave Earth, giving the young alien a day to say her goodbyes.


Would Zan be right to leave her nearest and dearest for a guy she’s only just met? Hopefully, the film will let us know, if she should stay or should she go. (That song’s definitely going to be in there, isn’t it?).