The Blade Runner Honest Trailer handily explains everything that’s wrong with the original

Refresh your memory before Blade Runner 2049


Look, here at we love Blade Runner. It’s an iconic piece of sci-fi worldbuilding that deserves its place among the greats, and we’re happy to report that its sequel (released tomorrow) is another triumph.


Still, you have to admit it’s not a perfect film. It’s a little slow, a little weird and a little dated, and that scene where Deckard (Harrison Ford) aggressively pursues Rachel (Daryl Hannah) has NOT aged well.

So watch this new Honest Trailer from the Screenjunkies team to see all the weird, offputting and just plain bad parts that make up what’s still an absolutely classic film – and then maybe rewatch the original to get reminded of all the brilliant stuff too. It’s only fair.


Blade Runner 2049 is released in UK cinemas on Thursday 5th October