The Monuments Men: Matt Damon on swapping Ben Affleck for a bromance with George Clooney

Watch our exclusive video with Matt Damon on the red carpet at the UK premiere

The Monuments Men might be set to hit UK cinemas on Valentine’s Day but the film, about a Second World War platoon tasked with rescuing artwork from the Nazis, is most definitely not a romance.


It does however feature one of Hollywood’s most famous bromances…

“For years they said it was a bromance with Ben [Affleck] now it’s a bromance with George [Clooney],” Matt Damon told at the UK premiere of Clooney’s Monuments Men in London’s Leicester Square last night. “I just try to partner with really talented people because you wind up in good movies that way, so it’s more of kind of a selfish consideration.”

“I’d do anything with George, he is a brilliant director,” he added.

And speaking of anything, it seems like the pair might be poised to team up behind the scenes of a new movie.

Asked whether he’d consider producing alongside Clooney, Damon, who is currently set to produce a CBS sitcom with Ben Affleck, said: “Of course, yeah. He’s got the best eye of anyone around. He’s got great taste.”

Well, you heard it here first. Watch this space (and also this exclusive video…)


Monuments Men is in UK cinemas 14 February